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Shannon Toe

Sort Your Planner by Availability

Instantly see who your most available people are to speed up your resource planning.

You can now sort your people on the People Planner by their overall availability or utilisation! This makes it much easier to see who has low or no work to instantly identify who is available for a specific period of time.

Sorting by availability arranges your people from most to least available. Runn calculates the order by adding up the total amount of unallocated time for each person in the visible time frame on the planner.

When you adjust the time frame or make changes to people’s schedules, you can refresh the order too.

Here are some examples of how you can use availability sorting in Runn:

Assigning someone to a project

Scenario: I need someone from Team Orange to work full-time (8 hours per day) on a 6-month project starting in March

  1. Set the time period to half-year
  2. Adjust the timeline so it starts in March
  3. Use the search / filter to narrow the list of people to the Orange team
  4. Find the person with the appropriate availability

Kenny Rogers is the only person who has enough availability from Team Orange to work on the project.

Transferring placeholder work

Scenario: I need to transfer my placeholder assignments to people in my team

  1. Adjust the timeline to view the entire placeholder assignment
  2. Filter the role to match the placeholder
  3. Find the people with the appropriate availability

Kenny Rogers and Rhianna Fenty have enough availability to work on the placeholder assignment.

Preparing for employee onboarding

Scenario: I need to make sure I have enough work for a new hire starting in April, and that someone has enough availability to be an onboarding buddy

  1. Set the time window you're interested in, such as a 90-day plan
  2. Filter by the role you're interested in hiring
  3. Identify who has the availability to be an onboarding buddy. Identify if you have enough work to assign to the new hire.

Kenny Rogers has enough availability during the new hire’s first 90 days to be an onboarding buddy. George Strait’s over-utilisation means there is work available for the new hire in their first 1.5 months.

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