Get the most out of your people.

Balance your people and projects for successful client engagements every single time.

Get a company-wide view of your people’s utilization

Get real-time insights of what engagements each person is scheduled on and their billable and non-billable utilization rates. Instantly spot the trends and gaps in your resourcing plans.

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Project accounting for profitable projects every time

View forecasts of your projects to see if they’ll land over or under budget, so you can adjust your plans before it's too late. Monitor key project insights to stay on top of every engagement.

Make confident hiring decisions

With a complete overview of your long-term pipeline, see what roles and skills to hire additional staff or contractors for and when. Never scramble for more capacity again!

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Know the health of your business

Access a range of robust reports to answer questions like:

Who’s my most profitable client?
What was everyone’s utilization rate last month?What was our profit margin last quarter?

And so much more...

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