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What our customers have to say

Capterra rating 4.9 stars
Moving to Runn meant that our whole project management team could keep our future booked work up to date, and reliable projections of our future billing could be generated whenever we need them.
Sam Minnée
One of the best things about Runn, that we haven’t had with previous tools, is being able to add tentative projects.
Screenshot of Runn
Francesco Fabbro
Project Manager
The capacity planning chart really changed things for us. Being able to drill into a team and see where the cliffs are has been a huge benefit.
Screenshot of Runn
Jason Mills
Director of Engineering
I go to Runn to look whether we are tracking towards a particular business goal, the utilisation rate - basically the health of the team and the business.
Screenshot of Runn
Heather Page
Chief of Staff
Runn is essential to what we do on a day-to-day basis.
Screenshot of Runn
Rich Gigante
Chief Revenue Officer
An amazing tool that has transformed the way we plan, schedule and forecast work in our agency.
Photo of Runn User
Nick Frandsen
Over 28,000 projects, 35 million scheduled hours, and 32,000 people all planned to perfection with Runn.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're currently using a spreadsheet. Why switch?

'The systems we use are often a reflection of our company's maturity. Spreadsheets are great when there's little complexity -- when there's only a few people on the team and just a few projects in the pipeline. As you grow and your business becomes more complex, spreadsheets become more difficult to maintain, share and collaborate on. Runn helps you keep your data relevant and gives your team real-time access so everyones on the same page.

How does Runn work with project management tools?

Project management tools are about what needs to get done, by when, for a specific project. Whether you use Atlassian's Jira, Asana or MS Project—project management tools are essential for every project team.

However, no matter how well you plan out the individual tasks of a project, if you do not have the right resources at the right time, you won't be able to deliver it. This is where Runn fits in. Runn cares about the bigger picture and helps you align people, projects and time across the entire company.

We're Agile. Can we use Runn?

Whether you use Agile, Waterfall, or a mix of both, the need for company-wide resource and capacity planning stays the same. In many ways using an Agile set-up simplifies your life— fixed timeframes, variable scopes. Map out the timeframes and resources dedicated to the project in Runn and manage the scope in your project management tool of choice.