Why do our customers love Runn?

See how companies all over the world use Runn to manage their people, projects and profits.
Studio 24

Design Agency

How Cambridge’s Studio 24 uses Runn to move at speed.

19 team members, 3 project managers, 11 production team
Cambridge, UK

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Design Studio

How Somar Digital use Runn to manage their growing team and workflow.

15 staff, 2 project managers
Wellington, NZ

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An amazing tool that has transformed the way we plan, schedule and forecast work in our agency.

Nick Frandsen

Digital Agency

Runn became the intuitive tool Silverstripe needed to free up their day from data input and gives them more time to focus on their job.

80 team members, 5 project managers
Wellington, NZ

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Financial Consultants

Why RedCompass switched from spreadsheets to Runn for their resourcing and forecasting needs.

80 team members
London, UK

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Smart resource and capacity planning