Project Forecasting Software To Get Proactive About Your Business

Forecast where your business is heading to plan ahead with confidence. Eliminate the guessing and say goodbye to flying blind!

Forecast your team's capacity

Know the future capacity for your entire company, teams, and individual people. Get real-time visibility of how future work impacts availability and monitor live insights for the near future. Drill deep into the numbers with Runn's in-depth people reports.

Track your projects and pipeline

Stay on top of your projects and entire portfolio. See whether your projects are likely to land over or under budget so you can boldly adjust plans before it's too late. Get forecasts of how much revenue, profit and costs your projects incur in the comprehensive project reports.

Plan for all the possibilities

Changes to your projects and pipeline are inevitable. Prepare for potential delays and changes before they happen. See the impact of various what-if scenarios on your capacity and utilization rate.

Scale your business sustainably

Financials are fundamental to business. With charge-out rates and costs visible everywhere in Runn, you'll get accurate forecasts of how your business will stand. Up-to-date reports mean you'll always have the latest information to make business decisions.

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