We are Runn!

Runn was founded in 2018. Our headquarters and spiritual home is in Wellington, New Zealand, but we’re on three continents and counting.

We are growing fast, moving fast, and releasing with speed and agility. Runn is on a journey to help deliver the biggest projects on time and on budget. We action feedback fast and love working with our customers to improve Runn daily. We'd love for you to join us!

Get s**t done people

We grew out of businesses that need s**t done and deliver successful projects on tight schedules. Runn is shaped by restless impatience with clunky spreadsheets, broken processes, and work rhythms that mean you only really know what’s happening once per quarter.

This isn’t helped by what we see as the tactical nature of many workflow & ‘teams’ software products. When you run a company, or work across multiple project streams, you need to be able to see the forest AND the trees. Not to mention the birds, bulldozers, and lightning storms on the horizon.

In the end, Runn is our response to a simple challenge: if you see that something's broken, and you care about it, help make it better. We care about project-based businesses and the future of work. So here we are. And if you feel the same, join us

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