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Capacity planning & forecasting for agencies

Imagine this: Your sales team know exactly what they're able to sell, your project managers know what everyone is doing, delivery teams are doing their best work, your leadership is clearing the path for growth—and everyone is on the same page.

This is your agency on Runn.

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Make great plans.

Instantly familiar, and exceptionally powerful. Use Runn to schedule people, teams, and projects effortlessly. Know who's doing what, and when—at a glance.

Turn time into money

Translate scheduled work into financial forecasts. Get accurate revenue projections for projects and your company as a whole. 

Sales & Delivery. United.

Whether you're in sales or delivery, the goal is the same. Profitable, impactful projects & happy clients. Unlike all other tools, Runn gets sales & delivery on the same page from the very start.

The key benefits

"Runn unlocked all our data, and made it actionable. The reporting capabilities save me hours every month, no longer having to maintain custom spreadsheets to understand our bottom line, making management and board reporting a breeze."
Play a better game.

Runn gives you unprecedented visibility into the future. Whether you want to accelerate growth, or just sleep better, Runn clears away the chaos and lets you take control of your business with razor sharp focus, clarity and confidence.

Know your numbers.

Quickly understand the key metrics that are driving your bottom line. Focus on the high level; drill down to see the details.  

Succeed together.

Build the type of company that you want to work at. One where everyone is deeply committed to each other's success, not just their own. Runn creates empathy and engagement across the company, creating a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

"Runn gives us visibility like never before. Runn helps us work better together; we’re getting more done and with a whole lot less stress. Before Runn, our project managers were constantly  caught off guard, with new projects landing and staff changing. Now everyone knows what's going on."
See the big picture.

At any one time, dozens of projects are underway. Each with their own deadlines, budgets, and often sharing people. Runn helps you manage all projects, leaving your existing project management tools to do what they do best—focusing on the details.


Effortlessly schedule your projects and people, while managing budgets. See at a glance who’s doing what and when and easily resolve conflicts.


Handle change like a pro. Instantly know your project’s status and understand the impact of changes on your project’s schedule and budget to better manage client expectations.

"Our sales team now speak with confidence about our capacity to deliver on future projects. The results of this have been truly game changing for us. By not overselling ourselves, the whole team is able to do their best work, stress free. By speaking confidently about future capacity, we now find ourselves booked up months in advance, and have been able to address this by hiring new people in order of highest need, and we've put our rates up. It's exactly the way we always meant to scale and we couldn't have done it without Runn."
Deal size → deal cash flow.

Don't just focus on deal size, focus on deal cash flow. By linking contracts to delivery schedules, you'll know exactly how each project will impact billing.

Better estimates.

Get the project off to the right start with accurate estimates. Full transparency and collaboration with PM and delivery staff means no surprises come delivery time.

No downtime.

Nothing kills profitability faster than people on the bench. Get full visibility of who's not on billable work, and prioritize upcoming sales around them.

"Runn helps us strategically build the company. We can see when we are getting overbooked, and start hiring well before the crunch comes."
Balance capacity & demand.

Sales team's cooking up a storm? Do you have enough people to deliver? Runn will tell you when you'll overflow internal capacity, and need to hire. 

Manage workloads.

Help ensure everyone has sustainable workloads. See who's overbooked, who's on the bench, and when leave is being taken.

Manage performance.

Who's billable, who's profitable? Instantly drill into the details on individual performance.