The Easiest Way To Plan Your Projects

Create project plans without worrying about who can work. Runn surfaces people's availability so you can focus on what matters.

Quickly schedule time, in real time

Projects are always changing. Easily create and adjust your plans on the fly with the confidence that no one will be overbooked.

View all your projects in a single view

Get the full picture. View your entire project portfolio with all phases and milestones so you know what to prioritise.

Look into the future

Schedule your projects ahead of time. Know how your plans will impact the business in the short and long term, and whether you have the right amount of work in the pipeline.

See upcoming phases and milestones

Let everyone see important upcoming milestones, and what phase of a project is under way.

Track plans against the budget

Don't get carried away with scheduling work! Set a project budget and watch how each scheduled allocation contributes to it.

Schedule tentative projects

Plan out tentative projects to see how they will impact your workload and financials. Instantly compare how your business will look if the work gets confirmed or not.

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