Capacity Management Software To Optimize Your Team

Know your people. Get an accurate picture of your team's workload from a single, shared view to cut through the chaos and streamline capacity.

Balance workloads over time

Maintain a high-level overview of your entire resource pool in the long and short term. See at a glance how each project in the pipeline impacts your team and identify utilisation trends in your plans.

Set custom work hours for each person

The world of work is more flexible than ever! Customise each person's availability by work days and work hours to make the most effective use of your team's time.

Manage time off and holidays

Avoid holidays and time off clashes. Create leave in Runn so you have the full picture of everyone's availability. Stay on top of upcoming leave to plan around it.

Tag your team with skills, locations and more

Add important details to organise and filter your people. The possibilities are limitless. Need a Javascript developer in Sydney? Easy.

Get live insights at your fingertips

View deep insights into every person - from their revenue, workload, utilisation, and more.

Quantify your hiring and contracting needs

Use placeholder allocations to inform your hiring decisions around capacity, role and skill requirements. Hire exactly who you need for the job and know when to start hiring additional staff or contractors.

Assign roles and teams

Group people into teams and assign roles for quick and easy team management.

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