Streamline project delivery.

Master your operations and unlock pipeline visibility.

Look at the big picture

Get a heatmap of what each person is scheduled on and how utilised they are. Instantly spot trends and identify gaps in your resourcing plans.

Keep your projects on track

Easy high-level planning no matter what methodology you use. View project forecasts to see whether they're going to land over or under budget, so you can adjust your plans before it's too late. Monitor key project insights to keep track of project progress.

Plan for all the possibilities

How will the deals in your pipeline affect your people and financials? Plan out tentative projects and create scenarios, and compare your ‘what if’ scenarios to find your optimum project pipeline.

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Connect your favorite tools

Use integrations to sync your data into Runn, creating a single source of truth for your resource management. If you use other tools, build out your own custom integration with Runn’s API—the options are endless!

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