Runn was built from the ground up with reporting and analytics in mind.
Analytics can be found anywhere you need them and customised reports can be created
and exported as you require. Runn has reporting covered.

Report on Everything!

Runn was built from the ground up for reporting and analytics. You can find more reports and analytics than you'll know what to do with!

Customize Reports

Our reports allow you to customize the fields that are import to you, filter your data, choose reporting dates and group by different time periods. Create the report you need.

Insights Into All Your Staff

View deep insights into every staff member - from their earnings, capacity, utilization, and more.

Business-Wide Financial Reports

View the financial for all projects in one place, with the ability to sort, filter, and export.

People Utilization

View the percentage of a person's time that has been assigned, and how much is billable, non-billable in a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

People Capacity

View how many hours each person has available on any given day.

Agency-Wide Capacity Reporting

View the entire capacity and utilization of your business, or split it by role, location, or just about anything else too.

Export Reports to CSV

All reports can be customized and exported straight into CSV for even greater analytics.

Project Performance

View the performance of your projects, and see if or when you are going to miss your budget or margin.

Find Missing Timesheets

Quickly view all your staff's timesheet entries, and identify anyone who hasn't entered their latest timesheets.

People Reports

View detailed overview reports for each person - all filterable, searchable, and customizable. Export to CSV for even more options.

Project KPIs

Track your project budget KPIs as you plan your work, and see if you're on track or falling behind.

Financial KPIs

See the most important financial KPIs in one place.

Variance Charts

See the difference between your plans and reality, in dollars or hours.

Project Reports

View detailed and customizable reports on all your projects, with monthly forecasts, running totals, and performance metrics.

Live Budget Tracking

See your budget change live as you create assignments, ensuring you always schedule the right amount of work at the right time.

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