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Know every corner of your agency:
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Get an agency-wide view of your people’s time

Maximise your resource efficiency. See what each person is scheduled on and how utilised they are. Instantly spot trends and gaps in your resourcing plans.

Screenshot of Runn
Screenshot of Runn

Deliver profitable projects every time

View forecasts of your projects and see if they’ll land over or under budget, so you can adjust your plans before it's too late. Monitor key insights to stay on top of each project.

Plan for all the possibilities

Plan out tentative projects and create different project scenarios. Instantly visualize all your ‘what ifs’ to find the optimum combination of projects for your agency.

Screenshot of Runn
Screenshot of Runn Time Tracking

Track time for more informed planning

Track billable and non-billable hours with Runn’s Time Tracker extension. Compare plans with reality to see how to better plan future projects.

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