Schedule your work, and then enter the actual time. Runn automatically updates re-calculates
our projections and shows you the difference. All in real time.

Easy-To-Use Timesheets

Simple, quick, and informative timesheets for fast, no-fuss entry with daily or weekly entry options.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking browser extension let's your team see what is scheduled today, and record their time as they work.

Find Missing Timesheets

Quickly view all your staff's timesheet entries, and identify anyone who hasn't entered their latest timesheets.

Variance Charts

See the difference between your plans and reality, in dollars or hours.

Quickly Identify Missing Entries

Timesheets highlight when worked was supposed to be completed but no data was entered, making it easy to identify when time is missing.

Record Non-Billable Time

Record non-billable time and get reports on how much time is being spent on non-billable work and potential losses.

Timesheet Only Permissions

Restrict users to only see their work and enter their timesheets.

Timesheet Integrations and Importing

Use one of our existing integrations, or integrate directly with our API. You can manage your time tracking anywhere and bring it into Runn. Or use Runn's inbuilt timesheets. The choice is yours.

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