Easy Timesheet Tracking and Management

For a single source of truth, Runn's timesheets and time tracking give you real data to compare your plans with reality. Build confidence in your plans!

No-fuss timesheets

Track your projects with the simple, quick, and informative timesheets for fast, no-fuss entry with daily or weekly entry options.

Automatically fill in your timesheets

Runn's Time Tracking Chrome extension lets your team see what is scheduled each day and instantly record your time as you work.

Record billable and non-billable time

Record non-billable time and get reports on how much time is being spent on non-billable work and potential losses.

Track your projects with real data

For a reliable status of your projects, timesheets entries are used in project forecasts. So you only use real data to inform your decisions, every time.

Understand the actuals

See the difference between your plans and reality, in dollars or hours, and by the day, week or month.

Use your favorite time tracking software with Runn

Connect Runn with your favorite time tracking software to bring the data directly to Runn, using on of Runn's existing integrations or with the API. The choice is yours!

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