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Runn provides a supportive environment for our team to succeed in the workplace. Fully supporting remote and part-time workers, strong leave benefits, rewarding challenges, quick releases and constant improvements, we believe Runn will be the best place you've ever worked at. Plus we did this rope's course and only fell off 21.37 times!

The team as ropes course in New Zealand

Runn provides open and transparent benefits to our team

  • Standardised pay across Runn. You know what you'll be paid, and what others around you are paid. No need to roll the dice at the negotiation table.
  • Additional guaranteed paid leave, our policies ensure you keep a strong work life/balance.
  • Work from home, or the beach, or a mountain top hideout. We provide flexibility on where you work and ensure you're setup with everything you need.

Runn is a challenging and rewarding environment to thrive

  • Runn works fast. We have updates to our product going out every day.
  • We use the latest and greatest web technology to deliver an outstanding service.
  • Runn is an open environment and we encourage you to get involved in all aspects of Runn. Developers in the Sales meetings? Why not!
  • We work remotely. Always have. That brings challenges and a lot of benefits. However, we don't allow social to just disappear with regular online and in-person catch-ups.
Continous Improvement
We are always working to improve our policies, we ask for regular feedback from our team and regularly adjust our policies to improve them for the benefit of all.

Runn's awesome conditions

Standard Pay Levels

Junior: $70,000 NZD
Intermediate: $100,000 NZD
Senior: $130,000 NZD
Lead & Executives: $150,000 NZD

Leave Conditions

Paid Annual Leave: 6 weeks per year
Paid Sick Leave: 4 weeks per year
Unpaid Leave: 4 additional weeks available
Christmas shutdown: Fully paid

Work from home / Co-working

Runn is work-from-home by default. You may choose between a work-from-home or co-working setup.

We’ll provide you with a laptop suited for your role and we'll order any equipment you want to make your home an amazing office space or an allowance towards a co-working spaces anywhere on the planet.

Learning & Development

Runn provides 1 paid day per month to focus on your career development. Spend it learning new skills, taking courses, or trying out something new you've never done before.

Hours of Work & Part-Time

Runn is a flexible working environment. We allow employees to work the hours that suit them as much as possible. Prefer working evenings, working on Sundays, or want to mix it up. It's all good.

We are strict on work hours, you work your agreed hours and never a minute more.

We fully support part-time workers as well, if you want that 3-day weekend, that's your choice. Need more time with kids? Finish off each day when the kids arrive home. We know that when you are happy in life means we're getting the most out of your time at work.

Wait... what does Runn do?
Runn is a Software as a Service business based around our platform. It provides a way for businesses to schedule work, manage people, track revenue and most importantly keep their team happy and on track. 

Our goal is to ensure no one's time or talent is wasted and we are already doing that for thousands of people around the globe.

Open Roles

Senior Product Designer / Product Manager
We are looking for an experienced Product Designer or Product Manager with a talent for design to help improve the work-life of thousands of people whose time and talent are cared for within our core product Runn.
Find out more.

Junior / Intermediate / Senior Developers
We are looking for Javascript / React developers across the range of skill levels to join the team at Runn. We offer an exciting, safe and people-centric place to work. We are product-lead and deeply involve developers in the decisions that directly affect our product, customers and business.
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Other roles
Runn is not currently hiring for any other roles.

How do I apply?
If you find a role that is right for you. Just email us at telling us about yourself, and why you'd be great for the role.

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