Resource Management
For Project Teams.

All Your Resources In One Place. Plan and Forecast Capacity, Availability and Utilization.

Are people your most important resource?

Resource management is a complex task! When you share resources and need to schedule projects across the company, there are many moving parts. Finding the right balance while also keeping your people as well as clients and stakeholders happy is tricky.

We've been there we know what happens...

Project requirements change
Client timeframes morph
Your team is hit with competing demands
Sales throws you a curveball at the last minute. You promised them WHAT by WHEN?!

When there are lots of moving parts, it can be hard to answer questions like:

Can we finish the project on time with the resources available to us?
When can we take on that new project?
Do we have enough work in the pipeline to keep everyone busy?
Do we need to hire? Should we get a contractor or a new employee?


Knowing exactly who's doing what and when. Having the visibility to identify bottlenecks early and having the right data to make good decisions about when to take on new work or hire new staff.

You can succeed at resource management with Runn

"Runn helps us manage the studio schedule, highlight resource clashes and forecast studio capacity so we can accurately schedule new work"

Julia Sang, Studio 24
Senior Project Manager
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Keep Staff Information In One Place

Like a big team calendar, understand what's going on today.
Access your resource pool of employees in real-time to see everyones' workload, holidays, availability and utilization rates.

Big picture view of all your team members.
Live updates so you're always up-to-date.
Drill into what is planned for a team, role or individual.
Differentiate between billable and non-billable work.

Plan Your Future Capacity Needs

Optimize your peoples capacity and understand when you need to hire more people.
Match the right skills to the right projects.

Collaborate with Sales to plan out new work.
Instantly see how potential new work will affect your existing workload.
Powerful analytics to drill into capacity and availability by team, role or individual.
Understand which employees are available with the skills you need.
Indicate demand for a role with placeholder assignments.

Identify Resource Utilization Bottlenecks Early

Spot resource conflicts before they happen. Quickly adapt to changes to your plan.

Check if someone is overbooked, by how much and why.
Quickly transfer project assignments to another person or placeholder.
Update project schedules, milestones and resource allocations in real-time.
See the forest through the trees, manage projects on a portfolio level.

Analytics & Dynamic Reporting

Wow your managers and stakeholders with detailed resource and status reports.

Compare your team's capacity and utilization metrics by week, month and quarter.
View and filter your data at every level of the organization.
Easily personalize your report to show the metrics that are important to you.
Export your reports to CSV or use Runn's API to send and analyse your data elsewhere.

"Runn is about the big picture of your company. The insights they provide help companies make better hiring and operational decisions"

Rachel Gertz, Louder Than Ten
Co-founder, Digital PM Trainer
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Frequently Asked Questions

We're currently using a spreadsheet. Why switch?

'The systems we use are often a reflection of our company's maturity. Spreadsheets are great when there's little complexity -- when there's only a few people on the team and just a few projects in the pipeline. As you grow and your business becomes more complex, spreadsheets become more difficult to maintain, share and collaborate on. Runn helps you keep your data relevant and gives your team real-time access so everyones on the same page.

How does Runn work with project management tools?

Project management tools are about what needs to get done, by when, for a specific project. Whether you use Atlassian's Jira, Asana or MS Project—project management tools are essential for every project team.

However, no matter how well you plan out the individual tasks of a project, if you do not have the right resources at the right time, you won't be able to deliver it. This is where Runn fits in. Runn cares about the bigger picture and helps you align people, projects and time across the entire company.

How does Runn work with time tracking tools?

Runn deals with the future, time tracking tools deal with the past and are often invaluable for invoicing. Both are important to figure out how you are currently tracking so you can make the right levels of adjustments to your plans.

We provide you with actuals tracking capabilities built-in, but also integrate with other popular and more specialized tools such as Harvest, Clockify and Workflow Max, and keep these automatically in sync for you. If you've built your own tracking tools, you can use our API to keep both in sync.

We're Agile. Can we use Runn?

Whether you use Agile, Waterfall, or a mix of both, the need for company-wide resource and capacity planning stays the same. In many ways using an Agile set-up simplifies your life— fixed timeframes, variable scopes. Map out the timeframes and resources dedicated to the project in Runn and manage the scope in your project management tool of choice.

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