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Shannon Toe

Q2 2023 Roundup: Project Emojis, Split Screen Planner, Autofill Missing Timesheets, and more!

This quarter we doubled down on Runn's user experience. See what's new!

These past few months we've doubled down on Runn's user experience. 💜

From project emojis for project managers, to a split screen Planner view for resource schedulers, to the ability to autofill missing timesheets for timesheet users - there's something for absolutely everyone!

On top of that, we're pleased to announce that we’ll be kicking off our brand new webinar series “LEAP - Igniting the future of resource management” on 10 August - PDT. In our first session, Runn CEO Tim Copeland and COO Nicole Tiefensee will be sharing what we’ve learnt from conversations with over 1,000 resource managers and business leaders over the past 5 years.

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🚀 What's New

Project Emojis

Project Emojis

Customize your project icons with any emoji. Differentiate projects based on their status, priority, project type - anything goes!


Autofill Missing Actuals

Autofill Missing Timesheets

Let Runn fill in your missing timesheets in a single click. Autofill with zero (no time worked) or the scheduled hours.


Split Screen

Split Screen Planner View

View the People and Project planners at the same time. See how to fit new work alongside existing plans on one screen!


Want to see what else we released? See more updates here.

👀 Coming Soon

  • Lock & Unlock Timesheets. Gain control of project actuals by manually locking or unlocking timesheets for all users on the project.
  • Custom Fields. Set up custom fields to filter your people and projects however you like.

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