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Nicole Tiefensee

Runn Product Update - 19 August '19

Want to see what we've been up to? Here's a sneak peek of the features we've been working on.

The star of today's release is our new notes feature, which allows you to add a short description to an assignment, leave instructions for a co-worker, or add a mental note to jog your memory the next time you log into Runn. We also made some improvements to the look and feel of assignments and the Planner overall. Enjoy!

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Get organized with notes 

You now can add short notes to your assignments. It's easy - just click the new "notes" icon on the calendar or quick editor when creating or updating an assignment and leave a line or two, like so:



Assignments got a lift - literally!

When you drag an assignment on the Planner it now "lifts" off the page. We also added some transparency so it's easier for you to see what exactly it is you're changing. 


Context, anyone? 

Have you noticed the new context menus? Right click on a project or a person in the Planner to bring up additional options. This allows you to quickly jump to a person's or project's schedule or head over to the respective dashboard pages.


Other improvements / bug fixes

  • Removed the "add user" button from the Planner. To invite users to your account, instead go to Settings > Users > Invite Users to Account. 
  • Added on-boarding instructions to rate cards.
  • When you create a new role, there's now links to documentation to help you with the default internal role cost and standard charge out rate.
  • Hours per day field on the calendar and quick editor now default to a person's working hours as per their contract. Placeholders default to the default full time hours as per your Account Settings. 
  • Made some tweaks to the sign-up form.

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