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Shannon Toe

What's New in Runn - September '21

As the end of the quarter draws near, we've got new features for everyone! Read about group utilization charts, cost-based project insights, improved timesheets, and more!

There's something for everybody in these release notes! We'll be covering:

  • Improved visibility over utilization rates for your groups of people
  • Added reporting and insights of project costs
  • Made our timesheets easier to use and understand more!

If you have any questions or comments about these latest updates, please reach out to us through the in-app chat or emailing

Group utilization charts

Get even more high-level visibility over your people with our new utilization charts!

These are great for getting a glimpse of how your different groups of people are utilized and seeing where you need to make changes to people's schedules.

You'll be able to quickly answer questions like:

  • "How utilized are our designers, developers and project managers?"
  • "When will the team in Australia have more availability?"
  • "When do people have scheduled assignments and time off at the same time?"

If you don't want to view the charts, you can turn off "Group Utilization" in the toggle drop-down on the People Planner.

Learn more about them here.

Cost-based insights on project dashboards

You can now see how your projects are going in terms of time, revenue and costs.

Previously, you could only view the performance charts for time (hours) and money (revenue).

The project cost view shows how much your projects are costing you. The calculations use each person's unique "cost-to-business" (as is in their contract) where available. If not, the calculation uses their role's "default hourly role cost".

More clarity with Runn's timesheets

Timesheet totals breakdown

You can now see how totals in Runn are calculated at a daily or weekly level from the timesheets.

By default, Runn assumes the scheduled hours were worked when there is no time entered. We've made it clearer for you to see what hours are actuals and what are assumed in the timesheets.

Autofill empty timesheets with '0'

This is really useful for those of you who use the integrations or API for syncing timesheet entries from your external timesheet tool into Runn.

Runn can now autofill empty or 'missing' timesheets with zero, rather than assuming the scheduled hours for calculations and totals. This ensures that intentionally empty timesheets are synced through as zero hours worked.

Every Sunday, Runn will auto-fill all empty timesheets from the past week with zero. To enable this, go to Settings > Account Settings and switch on "Autofill missing actuals".

Please note: You can also use this setting if you only use Runn's built-in timesheets. However, Runn encourages users to manually enter '0' so that project managers can see when people have or haven’t filled out their timesheets

Honorable mentions:

Quickly open specific timesheets by clicking on ❌ or 😇 from the project and people dashboards. Useful for filling in missing timesheets (marked with ❌).

View project start and end dates in reports. These are determined by the first and last project phase or assignment, whichever starts first and ends last. Displayed in yyyy-mm-dd format.

  • Include teams when importing people using the CSV importer.

If you use the Runn API, you can now:

  • Create and update rate cards
  • Create and update project rates (hourly or daily) and budgets (time or $)
  • Archive people and projects
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