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Shannon Toe

Q3 2023 Roundup: Custom Fields, Resourcing Requests, HR Integrations, and more!

Q3 was one of our biggest quarters to date. Have a read of what we got up to!

🚀 What's New

Custom Field - Country-1

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to view details and filter by the information that's important to your organization.


Resourcing Request 2-1

Resourcing Requests

Manage your organization's resourcing processes by creating visibility of your demand for roles and resources.


Locking Timesheets (2)-1

Lock & Unlock Timesheets

Get more control and flexibility over your timesheets with per-project locking and unlocking.


HR Integrations-1

HR Integrations

Connect Runn with one of 12 popular HR tools to seamlessly import your people and time off data to Runn. Available for Pro and Enterprise users on request.


Want to see what else we released? See more updates here.

👀 Coming Soon

'Views' are currently in beta with a select group of accounts.

Segment your organization’s projects and people into smaller, more manageable groups on the Planner, allowing users to focus on what’s relevant to them!

⚡ Runn is Fully SOC2 Compliant!

We're thrilled to announce that Runn has achieved full SOC2 Type II compliance!

This achievement proves our unwavering commitment to protecting our users' valuable data. To learn about how we're integrating security measure into our operations, check out the blogpost!


📚 Dive into our webinars and blogposts

Webinar 1 Youtube Thumbnail-1

What We've Learned from 1000 Conversations with Resource Managers

Runn co-founders Tim Copeland and Nicole Tiefensee share their learnings from conversations with resource management leads over the past 5 years. Watch the recording >>

Webinar 2 Youtube Thumbnail-2

Best Practices Every Resource Manager Should Know

Former Director of Resource Management now turned consultant, Christine Robinson shares her expertise and philosophy from years of working in the field of resource management. Watch the recording >>

63e0ec2e45ff99ddbce9b7e8_employee retention

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Retention Strategies

Retaining top talent on your team is increasingly a challenge for organizations. Here are 10 tips to make your people want to stay. Read more >>

64ddeb1dd4e9324f321f3090_Downtime at work

Why Downtime at Work May be Useful For Your Employees

Working at 100% all the time is ultimately unsustainable. Leaving space for some downtime at work can help support wellbeing, creativity, and productivity. Read more >>

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