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Shannon Toe

What's New in Runn - August '20

We're excited to have released a bunch of features that many of you have been requesting! We've refreshed the People Planner, added part-time work arrangements, added WorkflowMax integration, and more!

We're officially more than halfway through the year and things have not been slowing down at Runn! We're excited to have released a bunch of new features this month, including some that many of you have been requesting 😀.

We've refreshed the People Planner, you can add part-time work weeks for your people, integrate with WorkflowMax, and more!

If you have any questions or comments you can always reach out to us at or through our in-app chat.

Updated People Planner

The People Planner got a makeover! We have refreshed the color scheme, and instead of viewing each person's capacity in percentages, you'll now be viewing them in terms of hours.

We made this change to help you quickly find the right person to schedule for assignments based on how many hours they have available. For example, if you need to create a 2 hour assignment, you'll quickly see who has more than 2 hours available from the People Planner.



We are keen to hear what you think - let us know your thoughts!

Part-time work arrangements

Runn now lets you have more control over your people's different work arrangements. Contracts can be customized so that you can select the specific workdays for everyone who doesn't work the traditional Monday to Friday.

These will be blocked out as time-off in the planners.

People Planner:

Project Planner:

People Utilization Report

Want to view all your people's utilization rates at a glance? Check out our brand new People Utilization Report. For any past work, this report pulls the actuals data from your people's timesheets, or if you don't use the timesheets, Runn uses the hours that have been assigned.

You can also view utilization by billable and non-billable work. Check out this blogpost about utilization rates and why they should only be taken with a grain of salt.

WorkflowMax Integration

Runn now integrates with WorkflowMax, a job and time tracking app from Xero. As with our other integrations, you can sync your people, clients, projects, and any timesheet entries from WorkflowMax into Runn.

Honorable mentions:

  • Create new roles through the people bulk-edit.
  • Missing timesheet card now appears on the project and person dashboard.
  • We added more currencies, including Zloty, CHF, and Won. To see all supported currencies or to change your currency setting, head over to Settings > Account Settings. If you need a currency that isn't listed please get in touch.
  • Export all timesheet entries for people and projects with our New Actuals Data Export. Head over to Settings > Export, choose and export date range and data grouping option (day, months, or quarter)
  • Tags have been added as a field to our reports and can be used to filter your report data.
  • Improved report CSV export and print style sheets.
  • Ability to create tags via API and CSV Imports.
  • New time-entries API endpoint that allows you to ‘add’ time to an actual.
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