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Shannon Toe

What's New in Runn - May '21

Say hello to our new and improved reporting with the ability to 'group by' and drill deeper with detailed reports, and the ability to create zero-hour or +24-hour assignments!

This month our development team have been working on a bunch of server upgrades that will improve your experience within Runn. We'll be announcing more about these next month, but in the meantime, we have a couple of updates that have been shipped this month! 😃

Grouped and detailed reports

Here are more ways that Runn will help you understand your business better. Drill further into your Runn reports with our new 'Group by' and 'Detailed' options.

Group by

Want to know the total revenue brought in last month from each role? Or compare how your project hours break down by team?

"Group by" lets you view relevant report data based on project and people groups.

These include:

  • People reports: Team, role, relationship, type (person or placeholder)
  • Project reports: Client, team, project status, contract status, pricing model

You'll also be able to view each group in more detail to see how your totals add up from each person or project.

Detailed reporting

Similarly, the "Detailed" reporting option also enables you to view how totals are added up from each person or project.

When you switch on the Detailed toggle while on a project report, you'll be able to see how each person on the project contributes to the project totals.

On the other hand, switching on the Detailed report while on a people report lets you see how each project the person is working on contributes to the person's totals.

Removed time limitations for assignments

We've had a number of requests for specific use cases for using assignments. We've removed some possible limitations so that you have more control over how you want to set up and plan things in Runn.

Here's what's changed:

Create placeholder assignments longer than 24 hours per day

This is useful if you want to assign a "placeholder team" to a project. Depending on the number of people in the team, sometimes you'll need to schedule more than 24 hours per day in placeholder hours.

Create 0-hour assignments for people and placeholders

This is useful if you want to assign someone to be "on-call" on a project, so you know who to book when the work comes through.

Coming soon: Performance improvements

Our development team have been rewriting our server code from scratch to improve performance and allow us to create new features faster!

  • Server performance has improved by approximately 2x to 4x
  • For users, the app should load anywhere from 25% to 100% faster, depending on the size of your account (i.e. number of projects and people)

We will be announcing more on these upgrades next month, stay tuned for more!

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