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Shannon Toe

Q3 Roundup: Skills & Levels, Non-Labour Project Expenses, and more!

Check out some of the features we've released this quarter, including skills and levels, non-labour project expenses, and placeholder improvements.

Last quarter we were excited to launch Skills & Levels, a feature that removes the guesswork from figuring out who has the right skillsets for your projects. We've also made it easier for you to track all types of project expenses and create multiple placeholders!

Keep on reading to see some other features that are in the works, participate in our brand survey, and download our brand new ebook, The Resourceful Organization.

If you have any questions, contact us through the in-app chat or at

🚀 What's New

62c250a1bb44f40bfc04e423_Skills & Levels-p-1080-1-1

Manage people's skills and proficiency levels

See everyone's unique skillsets to ensure you're putting the right people on your projects.

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Other Expenses-1

Track all types of project expenses

Add "other expenses" to your project budget to get a fuller picture of your financials.

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Multiple placeholders-2

Create multiple placeholders at once

Instantly create as many placeholders as you need for each role, for each project.

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Want to see what else we released? See more updates here.

👀 In the Pipeline

  • Project templates. Quickly set up similar projects.
  • Improved transferring and cloning. See the Project and People planners at the same time so it's easier to pick the right person or placeholder to give work to.
  • Skills API. Add, edit, delete skills automatically via the API.

💙 Got a Few Minutes? Help Us Out!

We'd love to get your perspective on the Runn brand and would appreciate about 5-10 minutes of your time to fill in our survey here.

Your responses will be anonymous and will provide invaluable feedback!

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📖 Cool Content

Resourceful Organization

The Resourceful Organization

Is your organization becoming bigger or better?

Download our ebook to learn the difference between scaling and growing.

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