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Shannon Toe

What's New in Runn - April '21

Day rates, editable placeholders, ability to assign your favourite people and projects - now in Runn!

We're pleased to be introducing day rates in this month's release - a long-awaited feature that those of you who charge out your team per day have been requesting! We'll also cover some placeholder improvements, time-off changes, and more.

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Day rates

No need to convert your charge-out rates from days to hours anymore! You can now choose whether to charge out roles by the day or by the hour for easier project budgeting. Still have the odd project that uses hourly rates, or vice versa? No problem! You can easily change the rate unit for each rate card and project.

Edit placeholders

You're now able to change the names of placeholders and assign them to teams.

This will be useful in narrowing down who you'll transfer the project to, or simply for locating them on the planner with more ease!

Once you've created a placeholder, right-click on it from the planner and select 'Edit Placeholder'.

Assign your favourites

When it comes to assigning your people and projects, click on the star button in the search bar to narrow down the list to the ones you have favourited.

Other things to mention:

  • For large companies with over 100 projects, the planner now automatically groups projects by their first character.
  • The assignment quick-editor no longer counts time-off towards working days.
    For example, scheduling Monday to Friday, with time-off on Wednesday would show “Working days” as 4 days.
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