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Shannon Toe

What's New in Runn - July '20

Another month, another product update! This update is jam-packed with a Clockify integration, two new reports, a new permissions level, and more!

Things have been working non-stop this past month, with several exciting new features added to Runn. We're excited to announce that Runn integrates with Clockify, we have TWO additional reports, you can edit your projects and people in bulk, and there's a brand new Timesheet Only permissions view.

That's a lot, right? If you have any questions you can always get in touch by our in-app chat or by emailing us at

Clockify Integration

Say hello to seamless time tracking and timesheeting - Runn now integrates with Clockify! You can sync your clients, projects, people, and actuals directly from Clockify for all your time tracking and timesheeting needs.

Additional Reports

Project Totals Report

The Project Totals report shows the progress of your overall project budget in terms of the hours worked over selected periods. You'll see how the billable and non-billable hours worked per week, month, or quarter contribute to the project revenue till the end of that period.

This provides an insight into how the total allocation of hours of a project compares against its budget over time, and what this means for its revenue and profits.

Missing Timesheets Report

If you and your team use timesheets in Runn, as an admin you can get a glance of who has missing or incomplete timesheets. Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly periods.

We've also made it easier for users who forget to fill in their timesheets. When a user chooses to edit their timesheets, they'll get a note to fully complete their timesheets from the previous week before viewing the timesheets for the current week.

Bulk Editing


Our new Bulk Edit feature lets you edit your projects at the same time. Instead of clicking into each project to edit, there's now a Bulk Edit button. This is especially handy if you've imported a bunch of projects into Runn and need to tidy a few things up. A list of all your projects will appear and you can edit away!


Similarly, you can also bulk-edit details and contracts for your people.

  • If you need to fix up some data or fill in missing properties, select "Fix your data" in the pop-up box.
  • If you wish to create a new contract (i.e. create a new salary or role for a person) make sure you select "Update your data" in the pop-up box.

'Timesheet Only' Permissions

With Timesheet Only permissions, a user's access is restricted to only viewing and editing their own timesheets.

With these timesheets they'll be able to see upcoming confirmed projects and the hours they've been scheduled for them, but no other information regarding the project or other tentative projects.

Here's what a Timesheet Only user will see when they log in:

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