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Shannon Toe

Rescheduling and Duplicating Projects: A Runndown

How to reschedule and duplicate projects in Runn. Save the stress of project changes and see where your resource allocation plans need to change.

Whether you encounter a project delay before it begins, need to push back your project part-way through, or have a repeating project, rescheduling projects and duplicating project plans is inevitable in any project manager’s career.

Luckily, rescheduling and duplicating projects is so so easy in Runn. By documenting these project changes in a resource management software like Runn, you’ll be able to deal with the ensuing resource allocation changes easily!

Rescheduling a project that hasn’t started

You’ve got an exciting new project lined up and ready to go, you’ve scheduled out your people in Runn and you *can’t wait* to get things rolling. But two weeks out, your client informs you there’s a hold-up in the final approval process. Oh dang - the entire project has to be postponed.

From the project planner, click on the three-dot menu (or right-click) on a project and select Reschedule. Select the week you want to reschedule the project to. Click the Reschedule button.

Some notes about rescheduling an entire project in Runn:

  • Once your team has logged time against your project, you won’t be able to reschedule an entire project. Either delete the time entries or manually move the assignments (see Rescheduling parts of a project that has started).
  • Rescheduling a project will change the start week of the project. All assignments will be as originally scheduled in the planner. If you want to change which day of the week the rescheduled project will start on, you will have to edit the project before following the steps below.

Rescheduling parts of a project that has started

Imagine you’re one month into a three-month project. You and your team are waiting for some client feedback on your latest deliverable, and it is vital to keep the project moving forward. Your client comes back to you and says the project has had to be pushed down their priority list. Your project is being delayed until the next quarter.

From the project planner in Runn, split your assignments from the date that the project is being cut off by clicking on the three-dot menu (or right-click) on the assignments and selecting Split. Repeat this process for each person.

Then, access the right-click menu again and enter multi-select mode. Select all assignments to the right of the split and drag them across the planner to the re-commencement date.

PRO TIP! Watch out for any red lines. These show that your people will be overutilized on certain dates.

Duplicating a project from an existing project

Perhaps you have a project schedule that you want to create again. Maybe you have project retainers or you’ve found a resourcing allocation plan that works beautifully for your team. How can you copy that same project repeatedly across different points in time?

Access the project dashboard by going to Manage > Projects and selecting the project you want to duplicate. Click on the cog button and select Duplicate. Select the week you want the duplicated project to start and press Duplicate.

Like what you see?

We have useful step-by-step guides for resource planning, rescheduling projects and duplicating projects in our help center for further details.

To try out this feature, log in to your Runn account or sign up for a free 2-week trial from our website.

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