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Nicole Tiefensee

Project Phases in Runn: A Runndown

Introducing Project Phases! Segment your project workflows, link assignments to phases, and get powerful reporting.

Plan and track your project workflow in Runn with project phases

We have added a new feature to Runn that I, as a former project manager, am particularly excited about: Project phases.

Project phases are a powerful tool to segment and plan out your project’s workflow in Runn. Typically, each phase leads to a project milestone, which you can also set-up and track on your Runn timeline.

This new functionality allows you to see how different project activities relate to each other and will help figure out and track how to deliver work more efficiently, and who needs to be involved at each stage of the project.

Schedule sprints or development iterations

Runn lets you schedule phases in sequence, or in parallel. If you’re running Agile projects, you can use phases to schedule sprints and development iterations, or you can stick to the more traditional approach - it’s up to you!

Link your team’s assignments to phases...

Each of your project phases might involve different people with different roles, schedules, costs and charge-our rates. To better track what needs to be done and who needs to be involved at each stage of your projects, you can now link your employees’ and contractors’ assignments to phases. Give each phase and its linked assignments a different colour so you can easily spot what’s going on.

… and get powerful reporting!

But not only that. For each of your project phases you’ll now be able track important metrics, such as total hours planned, expected revenue, people costs and margin. This is especially helpful when you deliver complex custom projects, or have retainer based arrangements where you need to see what happened over specific periods of time.

Like what you see?

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We have some useful step-by-step guides in our help center to get you started.

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