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Nicole Tiefensee

What's New in Runn - November '20

Our recent additions include the ability to add notes to timesheets, add time-off by role or tag, and more importing and exporting functionalities. Read on!

Another month, another product update 😀

Our recent additions and improvements include the ability to add notes to timesheets, add time-off by filtering by role or tag, and more importing and exporting functionalities.

Feel free to send us any questions or comments about these updates by reaching us at or using the in-app chat.

Add notes to timesheet entries

Here's something that a lot of you have been asking for!

We've introduced the ability to add notes to timesheet entries.

  • Admins and Editors can view and add notes to all project actuals and anyone's timesheets
  • Viewer All, Viewer Basic, and Timesheet Only users can add notes to their own timesheets only

You can also export your notes to CSV with our new raw timesheet export. Scroll down to learn more!

More powerful filtering for time off

Are you sending all your developers away to a Hackathon? Do all your people in New York have an upcoming regional public holiday?

Runn now lets you add time off for people by filtering by name, team, role, and tag.

See how you can filter your projects and people in Runn here.

Delete part-timers' rostered days off

If you need more flexibility in managing your part-timers, you can now delete rostered days off (RDOs) straight from the planner.

This is super handy if there's a one-off or temporary change to your part-timers' working days.

More timesheet and actual data importing and exporting options

Import timesheets via CSV

If you use timesheets outside of Runn, you can now import your external timesheet data into Runn as CSV files. Have a look at our help documentation and have a go!

PS: Did you know that Runn has a time-tracking Google Chrome extension on the way?! Check out our roadmap and keep your eyes peeled... 👀

Export raw timesheet data

Do you require regular actual data exports for your client invoicing or payroll? You can now export raw actuals data from Runn. Previously, you could only export data grouped by day, week, or month.

Our raw export lets see each individual entry and see any timesheet notes.

You can export your data from Settings > Export.

Even more currencies

As we continue to grow, we're reaching more people around the world. We've added a bunch of currencies like ₺ (lira), ₽ (ruble), and ₪ (shekel) to support our ever-growing customer base!

Extra shoutouts:

  • Add and delete project milestones and notes through the API
  • Choose a new project start date when duplicating projects
  • Our Projects and People lists got a makeover 😃



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