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Shannon Toe

Get More Planning Flexibility with Weekend Scheduling

Introducing weekend scheduling in Runn! Get more flexibility when it comes to planning and scheduling your projects and people in Runn.

As a resource scheduling tool, Runn was built for project managers, resource managers and team leads to align your teams and understand what everyone is working on. By planning your team’s time against project milestones, you’re able to track how your projects are going and know to rev things up when there’s an impending deadline.

But with the shifting trend towards flexible work hours, it can be hard to know exactly how much work was done on a given day. Someone may work some extra time here, and a bit less there. And before you know it, you’ve lost track of when someone worked and whether you’re still on track to deliver your project on time.

One of the ways we’re supporting this is by introducing weekend scheduling in Runn!

Whether you need to plan additional hours to be able to provide 24/7 support, or a project deadline has been pushed forward by a client, sometimes you’ll want some extra scheduling flexibility.

Scheduling weekend assignments

Creating a weekend assignment is only supported in the calendar month view in the Planner.

  1. From the project planner, click on the expand weekends arrows on the timeline.
  2. Create a weekend assignment for someone. All weekend assignments are one-day only. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to Schedule on a non-working day.

View more information here.

Expand weekends and click to create a one-day weekend assignment


Can I change someone’s contract to include a weekend as their normal work day?

Currently, Runn only supports Monday to Friday as set working weeks. This feature is intended for ad-hoc weekend scheduling.

You can create recurring weekend assignments without changing contracts. However, the person will be marked as over-utilized in Runn for weekend assignments.

How do weekends affect capacity, utilisation and availability?

Since you cannot set weekend capacity in Runn, weekend assignments create over-utilization on the day. Weekend assignments also contribute to remaining weekly availability.

Why can’t I move or resize a weekend?

It is a non-working day and we want to ensure that you don’t accidentally overwrite any other assignments. We suggest you delete and recreate in this case.

I can’t schedule a phase or milestone on a weekend.

We currently only support assignments on weekends - and only encourage this use if absolutely necessary.

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