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Shannon Toe

What's New in Runn - February '21

This month's new features include linking project phases and assignments, a new project report, auto-locking timesheets, plus more!

Happy February! We've released a lot of features and fixes this past month that I'm really excited to take you through.

From improving our project phases feature to a new project report, there's something new for everyone to enjoy.

You can reach out to us with any questions or comments about these updates at or through the in-app chat.

Let's begin...

Link project phases to assignments

Spruce up your planner with more colour by linking your project phases with assignments. This will make it easier to visualise how you're allocating your people throughout the project lifecycle.

After creating a linked phase and assignment, you'll still be able to move the phase and corresponding assignment separately for planning flexibility.

But that's not all...

Better reporting on phases

Timesheets now include phases (if your project uses them)!

For timesheet-only users, Runn will automatically log their time to the phase they were scheduled for. As an admin or editor, you can edit phases on other people's timesheets and on project timesheets.

These time entries will provide incredibly useful phase-based data in the phases table we introduced last month, viewable on all project dashboard pages.

Have a look at our help doc for more information.

New project overview report

No more having to switch between every project dashboard page to gather important project metrics!

This new report allows you to view these stats for all your projects in one place.

Since we have a number of reports now, we've updated the naming of some of our reports to make things clearer for you:

  • Project Explorer report -> Project Period report. See project metrics grouped by week, month, and quarter.
  • Project Totals report -> Project Cumulative report. See the metrics accumulate over time, grouped by week, month and quarter.

Have a look at our Reports help for more information.

Auto-locking timesheets

Admins can lock timesheets so that Editors, Viewers, and Timesheet Only users cannot go back and make changes after a chosen number of weeks. Only admins will be able to go back further and make changes to timesheets.

Head to Settings > Account Settings to set this up and choose how many weeks to lock timesheets after. Editors, Viewers, and Timesheet Only users will see this note when they want to scroll beyond that week in their timesheets.

Extra shoutouts:

  • Open the people and project planners in separate tabs. View them side-by-side to see the changes instantly.
  • Users with Viewer permission can now switch between hours per week and days per week views on the planner by clicking on the assignment label.
  • If you have more than 100 people or projects, Runn automatically groups them on the planner by their first letter for improved performance.
  • We've added phases and teams to raw data exports you can access under Settings > Export.
  • You can now search the Project and People list by an external reference.
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