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Libby Marks

Runn vs Saviom: Which Should You Choose for Resource Management?

Looking for resource management software to make scheduling a cinch? Then Runn and Saviom might be on your shortlist. But which is the best?

Runn vs Saviom: which is best for resource management? Although you’re reading this on the Runn site, we’re not going to just claim the title. The truth is, it depends on your specific needs.

Both Saviom and Runn have a sweet suite of tools for resource scheduling, project management, financial forecasting, capacity planning, and more. 

And each system offers a ton of benefits to professional service firms seeking visibility, confidence, accuracy, and speed in their resource management processes. 

The choice is yours. We’re just here to help you make it…

Saviom vs Runn – which came first? 

Cast your mind back to the eve of the Millenium, if you were there. Keanu’s in the Matrix, survivalists are prepping their bunkers, and we’re all dressed in double denim. It’s against this backdrop that Saviom was launched. 

Turning 25 this year, Saviom is an OG on the resource management scene, though its current suite of enterprise-focused tools is just six years old.

Runn is a relatively young contender for the throne, developed by frustrated IT sector professionals in 2021. Runn was designed to address the still-unsolved resource management challenges facing project-based businesses – how to identify and allocate project resources in a way that was quick, intuitive, and easy on the eye. 

Runn offers a fresh product and modern approach, supported by a highly responsive development team and active roadmap

Saviom vs Runn – which sectors do they serve?

Saviom specifically targets enterprise-scale businesses and large service organizations – particularly those with a Project Management Office (PMO). Their customers come predominantly from accounting, audit, consulting, construction, and civil engineering. 

Likewise, though Runn worked with a lot of smaller businesses in the early days, we now serve customers with teams of up to 5000 people.

Runn is popular with project-based businesses and professional services firms – especially software development, in-house IT providers, IT consulting, and digital agencies (what can we say? Folks who know good software when they see it just vibe with us!).

Saviom vs Runn – how do they compare on cost?

That’s a very good question. And not one we can answer. 

Saviom doesn’t appear to publish its prices, suggesting a bespoke approach based on individual business cases. Enterprise software often requires extensive customization and configuration, so it’s not surprising that costs aren’t clear off the peg. We do know there are two licensing levels – Power and Lite – depending on the access needs of each user. 

On the other hand, Runn has a transparent and public pricing structure, so you can decide upfront if we’re in budget. For our standard product, you’ll pay $8 per person managed per month. That means a business managing 100 people in Runn will pay $800 a month. Simple as that!

However, like Saviom, we ask enterprise clients to get in touch for a quote if they would like a custom onboarding and implementation experience.

Saviom and Runn – can I try them for free?

Yes, you can. Both Saviom and Runn offer free trials. We’d always recommend you try before you buy. 

Usability and functionality are just too important. You need to get hands-on and experience the software for yourself.  

Runn also has a free-forever tier for small businesses that need to manage 5 people or fewer, and a 50% discount for non-profit organizations. Saviom doesn’t offer a free tier at the time of writing.

Introducing Saviom for resource management

We’ll let Saviom introduce themselves: 

‘Saviom is designed to optimize the workforce, enhance billable utilization, ensure successful project delivery, and improve profitability. The comprehensive ERM suite comprises a multidimensional resource scheduler and planner, forecasting and capacity planning, real-time business intelligence, and more. Our product is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies across 50+ countries.’

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Saviom resource management features

We won’t pretend to be the most in-depth source of information on Saviom’s extensive functionality. You can discover Saviom for yourself on Saviom’s website and YouTube channel. But if you’re looking for a summary of Saviom’s features, here’s the  headline news. 

Note that we’re only looking at Saviom’s Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) product here. They also have products for Enterprise Workforce Planning, Professional Services Automation, and Enterprise Product Portfolio Management.

Resource management

Saviom ERM offers extensive resource planning, scheduling, and management tools – as you’d expect. 

You can see all of your resources in one place and find suitable resources based on team, role, location, project type, and skills available for optimal utilization. 

You can see resource utilization and capacity, helping identify and avoid bottlenecks and project clashes. ‘What if’ planning tools simulate multiple scenarios to find the best possible outcome under different constraints.

"What-if" planning in Saviom

Forecasting and capacity planning

Saviom lets you forecast resource and organizational capacity, so you can identify resource shortages and excesses, and balance supply and demand. 

It also lets you optimize your pipeline by ensuring your resource pool is optimally balanced and skilled to meet the new project demands. 

Financial forecasting tools let users analyze critical financial indicators – like cost, revenue, and profit margins – and take corrective actions to control project budgets.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Saviom offers a wide range of configurable dashboards, analytics, and reports to simplify and fast-track decision-making. Filters let users ‘slice and dice’ data to get the insights that matter to them.

Utilization report in Saviom
BI dashboard in Saviom

Integration with other enterprise systems

Saviom boasts integration options with a wide range of enterprise tools – including HR, CRM, and accounting tools – via their API. This lets large businesses maintain a single source of truth, create seamless workflows, and eliminate data duplication. (Out-of-the-box integrations aren’t clear from their website.)

Saviom for resource management: pros and cons

Saviom alternatives: know your options 

Are there alternatives to Saviom? Of course. There’s a wealth of resource management software solutions on the market! It’s worth shopping around, because you’re bound to find something that’s really a perfect fit. 

Take a look at our breakdown of the best resource management software that’s currently on the market. 

Most offer similar functionality for centralizing, identifying, and allocating your human resources. 

Given that, how do you choose between Saviom and – well – Saviom alternatives

Here are some factors you need to consider:

  • Functionality 
  • Usability/UX/UI
  • Compatibility and integrations
  • Scalability
  • Customization
  • Support and maintenance
  • Hosting options
  • Security
  • Vendor reputation
  • User feedback and reviews
  • Product roadmap
  • Overall cost

For more detailed guidance on picking the right resource management platform for you, bookmark our Buyer’s Guide to Resource Management Software.

Introducing Runn for resource management

Runn is a real-time resource management platform. It provides a central source of truth for resource scheduling, project planning, financial forecasting, time tracking, and more. 

With Runn, you can intuitively plan projects and schedule resources across the short and long term, aligning your people and project pipeline for maximum business success. 

You’ll see a dynamic overview of capacity, workload, and availability as you plan, so you’re always working with the latest data. Then track project budgets and manage delivery with insightful dashboards and reports. 

It’s the perfect mix of big-picture oversight with detail on demand, so you can make business decisions with clarity and confidence.

Runn resource management features

Resource scheduling

Runn makes resource management fast, accurate, and easy. Your centralized resource pool provides information on all employees – name, role, skills, experience, allocations, availability, capacity, etc. - so you can find the right fit for every project.

Filter by role, skill, team, custom tags, and more. Then simply click, drag, and drop to allocate work to anyone. Easily spot resource utilization issues to create balanced workloads, avoid bottlenecks, and prevent costly burnout

Our People Planner interface

Project planning

In Runn you can quickly create project plans  – with phases and milestones – and see people’s availability to work. Easily create project plans and schedule your workforce without worrying anyone is overbooked. 

Use placeholders for unknown resources and even request new hires. See an overview of all projects and milestones, or drill down into individual project details to monitor KPIs like forecast vs actual budget.

Capacity management

Commit with confidence thanks to capacity planning in Runn. At-a-glance data visualization shows resource utilization and availability against overall capacity, so you know when you can safely onboard new projects. 

Match resource supply to demand by monitoring capacity and utilization metrics, so you can optimize your resources, inform your upskilling strategy, and trigger recruitment when required. 

Runn's capacity chart

Project forecasting

Runn helps you get proactive about planning. You already know you can forecast capacity and optimize your pipeline. What else? You can forecast financials with enhanced visibility into costs, budgets, and charge-out rates. You can do scenario planning to understand different options and opportunities. And track projects against forecasts so – if things go awry – you can course correct before it's too late. 


Runn’s no-fuss timesheets let you track your projects quickly and simply. Daily, weekly, and auto-entry options record billable and non-billable hours. This enables fast and accurate invoicing and provides insights into whether you’re using your resources optimally.


Make confident, accurate, data-based decisions with Runn. Customize your own dashboard to see the metrics that matter to you. Charts, heatmaps, and other data visualization tools make it quick and easy to spot trends and get insights. In-depth reports provide greater detail for further analysis. 

Zoom in on utilization with the utilization report

Integrations and API

Runn offers several out-of-the-box integrations with HR and time-tracking tools, to sync with the systems you already use. We also have an API to enable custom integrations. 

Runn for resource management: pros and cons

Runn vs Saviom: side-by-side comparison

Saviom vs Runn: which is best for resource management?

We’re not going to fall for that one. As we said at the start, there is no ‘best software for resource management’. 

It’s about: 

  • Assessing your unique use case
  • Weighing up what features you need
  • Reading reviews and doing the demos

Then deciding which is the best resource management software…for you.

That said, we’d love you to choose Runn. We’re rightfully proud of our product and our outstanding reputation with our customers.  

If you’d like to talk, get in touch ➡️

Or start your free trial to explore Runn for yourself ➡️

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