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Iryna Viter

5 Best Saviom Alternatives for Better Resource Planning & Forecasting

Saviom isn't cutting it anymore? Switch to a better Saviom alternative to manage projects and resources.

Why would you look for Saviom alternatives? The tool promises to help you deliver quality projects, while optimizing workforce use and reducing resource-related costs. If you look deep into the software, however, some things might frustrate you.

So when Saviom turns out to be a little too little, where do you go to find greener pastures?

Common frustrations with Saviom

If there's one thing that comes up time and again in Capterra reviews on the tool, it's that it could use a 'more modern aesthetic'. With the plethora of resource planning tools available of the market today and the general concept of what we're used to today, Saviom looks, well, old.

outdated project management software

In one review, a user mentioned that 'It does not have as modern a look and feel as other (general) software offerings on the market.'

Another problem that makes users go looking for a Saviom alternative is its limited functionality. 'Most of our technicians have multiple roles and can have a skill that they are both qualified & certified for; only allows me to choose one or the other.'

And if you are in a business that deals with many projects and large datasets at the same time, be prepared for some slow responses from the tool. 'With the number or planning resources (over 700 resources) and projects (over 400) we have in Saviom, some of the screen can be a bit slow to load.'

The platform not being user-friendly also causes issues. 'Due to different set up of the company requirements for the software and users(staff), it is not quite intuitive to some staff on how to use the system,' says one reviewer on Capterra. 'The functionality for requesting resources is clunky and difficult to use, which is a pity since it is a time consuming business process to carry out manually and would add to the perceived value of the solution if it were more seamless,' says another reviewer.

If you can relate to any of these or have some other reasons for considering alternatives to Saviom, here's where you should start.

5 best alternatives to Saviom

All in their own way, the tools below are better than Saviom in one way or the other. However, it's crucial that you look at the things that make these tools unique and pick the one that fits your needs best.

1) Runn - A Saviom alternative for IT Services

alternative to Saviom

When it comes to resource planning and forecasting, Runn is the biggest Saviom competitor. It's been designed to help professional services businesses plan their resources (which, let's face it, tend to be limited), identify and predict resource gaps, and basically gain that complete visibility that makes resource management a piece of cake.

On top of that, many users highlight how easy Runn is on the eye and the brain. 'Clean interfaces and easy-to-use software, that's what you need when you are dealing with the complexities of project and resource management.'

Aesthetics aside, Runn can really be an irreplaceable tool if you want to do some accurate resource planning and forecasting. Within a few clicks, you get to see a color-coded resource availability chart, with your resources being sorted based on their expertise level, role, capacity, utilization, and even billable cost. Finding the best resource for each job has never been easier!

But the forecasting features are a whole different story. You can run what-if scenarios to see where resource gaps might pop up, how you can plug them, and even whether your projects are feasible with the resources you currently have.

2) Float - An alternative to Saviom for creative teams

Saviom alternatives for creative teams

If you can't Runn, Float! Especially if it is creative teams you have to manage.

For years, Float has been focusing on helping creative agencies, studios, and firms organize their workflows and bring structure into their projects.

With Float, you can schedule resources and then later see how long task completion took compared to the estimate you gave it. Based on that, you can tweak your resource planning and do accurate resource forecasting for each project to be completed on time and within budget.

Above anything else, Float is easy to use and has all the basic functionality you would need, an intuitive interface, great editing tools, and drag-and-drop features. It is meant to simplify processes, not complicate them.

Read on: Runn vs Float - Putting the Best in Resource Planning to Test ➡️

3) Paymo - An all-in-one Saviom alternative

better than Saviom for small businesses

If you are a small business in need of an all-in-one solution that will solve all of your pain points, Paymo is a worthy candidate for the job!

With Paymo, you can do everything from resource management and time tracking to invoice management and profitability analysis.

It's also one of those tools that won't require a lot of training and onboarding time if you have a project pace to maintain and can't afford to have your resources get distracted. 'Very user-friendly. All the team members got familiar with it in less than a week,' one reviewer on Capterra said.

4) Productive - A Saviom alternative for marketing agencies

alternative to Saviom

With a strong focus on managing finances, Productive aims to solve the problems marketing agencies, studios, and professional services firms face.

If you want to track your team's time and see what they are focusing on, this could be the right option for you. 'Productive is a good product to track projects and time spent on it,' as one reviewer on Capterra said.

The better you get at planning and forecasting your resources, the more accurate your revenue expectations will be. So this tool will be of great help if you want to create some accurate schedules to optimize your resource utilization rates and improve overall business profitability.

5) Smartsheet - An alternative to Saviom for project & resource management

Collaboration tools for project managers

If Paymo is focused on small businesses, Smartsheet is the opposite of it, targeting enterprise-level environments with lots of ongoing projects in need of management.

As many large-scale companies come to discover, automation is worth a lot when you have more resources and projects than any Excel sheet could handle.

And so Smartsheet does that for you, it simplifies workflows and redefines how your teams work — all in an easy-to-use interface. As one reviewer said, 'Automation and collaboration is one of the most useful features that I like about Smartsheet.'

So, with all of that investigation behind your back, are you ready to make the switch?

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