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Nicole Tiefensee

Runn Product Update - 27 May '19

We've introduced several shiny new features in this update! Merge, transfer and split assignments quickly, schedule time off in bulk, and use blended or custom rates.

Our latest product update is all about making it faster and easier for you to schedule your people and projects.

We added smart logic around how project assignments interact with each other and made it easier for you to schedule time off. Along with that, we updated rate cards to support blended rates, expanded our archive and delete functionality and, following on from previous product updates, made a ton of usability improvements. Enjoy!

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Smarter projects and people scheduling

Merge ...

  • Assignments now automatically merge if you drag them on top of each other. If your assignments have different hours per day, we merge and split, as per below:

... Transfer ...

  • You can now transfer individual assignments between people and placeholders through our new right-click menu. Transferred assignments will automatically merge with a person's existing assignments.

... Split

  • Need to split an assignment? Just hover over it until the "split" icon appears, then click to snip it apart.

Time off

Scheduling time off got a lot easier too:

  • You can now add time off for multiple people at the same time, which will make adding a team event or scheduling an upcoming public holiday a breeze.
  • In addition, you can now create time off for people with existing project assignments. Any time off you enter will split that person's existing project assignments, like so:

Blend those rates!

Businesses that use blended rates on their projects will be happy about this update. You can now choose to use a blended rate for all roles, or enter custom rates for each role. Head over to your rate cards to give it a try.


Improved archive & delete functionality

  • We've added new archive functionality to the edit menus of Clients, Projects, People, Roles & Rate Cards. Archiving will keep your data, but hide it from the Planner and other menus. You can still access any of your archived pages using the new filters at the top:
  • You will also notice our new smart ‘delete’ feature, which will only allow you to delete something if no other records are linked.

Other improvements and changes

On the Planner:

  • We removed the ... at the end of an assignment and replaced it with our new right click menu. From there you can edit, transfer or delete an assignment. We also added the ability to single click an assignment to edit.
  • Clicking people names on the Project Planner now links through to the People Planner.
  • On the People Planner, we've updated the "Add project" component to match  "Add people" and "Add time off".


  • Last but not least, you can now create a client at the same time as a project.
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