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Nicole Tiefensee

Runn Product Update - 25 March '19

Here's what we've just added. Estimate your team's capacity and upcoming workload, filter your projects and people planners, and forecast comfortably with fall-back role costs.

We're pretty excited about our latest Runn update. It includes a new version of our workload charts, which will give you visibility over your team's capacity and upcoming workload. We've also added filters to the projects and people planners and introduced the concept of fall-back role costs. Plus - we made a whole bunch of smaller improvements!

Workload charts

Runn's new workload charts let you drill into a role, then view that role's capacity and upcoming workload. You'll find the new charts on the Projects planner. Go to Analysis > Workloads, then select a role from the drop-down.


Planner filters

You can now filter your projects on the Projects planner based on the client name or the project name:


And of course, we added the same feature to the People planner - filter your team by their name or role, just like so:


Default role costs

We know how it is - having your team member's hourly cost rate handy when setting up Runn is easier said than done.

We've therefore added the option to enter a fall-back hourly cost rate for each of your roles. That way you can still benefit from the financial forecasts that Runn provides - even when you don't know your people's exact costs.

Anyone not having a cost set-up in Runn will automatically fall back to their role's cost.


Smaller improvements and changes

  • Ability to open assignments on double click.
  • Ability to enter durations in minutes both as 0:30/0.5 and :30/.5
  • We've made improvements to the project budget planner to make it even easier to add estimates for your roles.
  • Improved email validation scheme.
  • Removed project colors, and
  • There's now better visibility of a person's role on their dashboard page.

If you have any questions about Runn or this release, or have any other comments or feedback, please get in touch!

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