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Nicole Tiefensee

Runn Product Update - 17 June '19

Potential work affecting your workload? Lots of upcoming deadlines? Want read access to all your data? We've solved all these in our latest product update.

Today we're happy to announce the launch of three brand-new features.

You can now use Runn to plan your tentative projects. This is something we're really excited about as it allows you to see how potential new work will impact your agency's existing workload and bottom-line. We also added milestone tracking so you can keep tabs of upcoming events, critical decision points, and deliverables. And lastly, we've released an API, giving you read access to all your data in Runn.

Thanks to the feedback of our early users, we also made a ton of usability improvements and smaller changes. Enjoy!

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Plan your tentative projects

Have you noticed the new "Show tentative" button at the top of the Planner?
Press this button to toggle on your tentative projects, then sit back and let us do the magic. Runn will recalculate your team's workload and all your project metrics to help you figure out how the new work will best fit in.


Keep tabs on your milestones

You can now add milestones to your projects, either on the Project Planner...


... or directly on your project dashboard page.


Say hello to Runn's new API

Currently in alpha, this will give you read-only access to all your data in Runn. Generate your token and access the API docs from your account setting page.


This is just the beginning of Runn's API journey so expect there to be changes and additions in upcoming releases. If you're interested in using the API or have any questions please email us at

Usability improvements and other changes

We made a ton of usability improvements in this release, including updates to our calendar controls,  date pickers and financial charts. To see the full list of changes, head over to our detailed release notes.

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