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Nicole Tiefensee

Runn Product Update - 11 November '19

We just released another jam-packed product update. Check out our new availability charts, people report, multi-select functionality and more.

We just released another jam-packed product update with lots of new features and improved functionality for you to try and explore. Here's the rundown of all that changed this month.

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See your team's availability - at a glance

Runn's new availability chart on the Planner gives you an overview of how many hours your team is available on any given day, considering your current workload. As per Runn's existing capacity and workload chart, the new availability chart allows you to look at availability of your entire organization while also letting you drill into a specific team or role.

Runn's availability chart

Tired of doing things one-by-one? Use multi-select!

You can now multi-select assignments on the Planner to:

  • move all selected assignments
  • transfer all selected assignments, or
  • delete all selected assignments

This works for assignments across multiple projects and people, as well as for time off. To enable multi-select mode, access the right-click menu of an assignment and select "Enable multi-select mode". While in multi-select mode, right-click again on any of the selected assignments to bring up further actions:

Exciting, right? Here's how this looks in action:

Multi-select mode

Get insights on your team's performance with Runn's new dynamic people report

Want to know your people's utilization rates? Who's got too much, or not enough work? How your team's time is split across billable and non-billable work?

Runn's new people report will give you answers to all of the above, and more!

There's quite a selection of metrics for you to choose from. Look at them all, or customize your report to show the metrics that are the most important for you and your business. Head over to Runn's reporting section now and try it yourself. Happy reporting! :)

Runn's people report

Export your reports to .CSV

Runn's project performance report and people report can now be exported to a .CSV file. The data export is based on your current data selection, filters, and your chosen reporting period.

Adding your people and their contracts just got easier

We've overhauled the way you add people and their contracts to make it easier and quicker for you to get started when you don't have all the info. Just enter a person's name and their role, and we will fill in the blanks. Head over to People > Add New Person to see how this works for yourself.

Adding a person to Runn

Manage your subscription, view your invoices and update your billing details in Runn

As of today, Runn administrators can access their Runn subscription details and view their past invoices in Runn. Go to Account Settings > Billing to view or update your details. If you have questions about your subscription or billing, please contact

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