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Shannon Toe

Mid-Year Round-Up: What's New in Runn 2021

See everything we've introduced to Runn so far this year. From a Google Chrome time tracker extension, to daily rates, there's something for everyone!

Here's a round-up of features and updates we've released in 2021 so far!

We'll be sharing tips and tricks, how-to's and info on how they'll help you streamline your business across your delivery, sales, HR and leadership teams.


  • Project teams

Assign a team to a project and use the team filter to view projects or people that belong to the selected teams. Each time you log in to Runn you'll see this filtered view. View help doc >>

  • Switch between hours per day and hours per week

If you prefer to plan in weeks rather than days, you can toggle the planner to display assignments in hours per week (5 days) rather than per day. View help doc >>

  • Adjust the height of charts

This is useful if you are working on a small screen or have a long list of projects and people — now you can see the charts and use the planner.

  • View tags on the planner

Quickly see the tags on your projects and people from the planner. View more information about tags >> and about searching and filtering on the planner >>


  • Create % assignments

If you usually plan out your people's time in percentages, you no longer have to manually convert these into hours to plan in Runn. The conversion is based on the percentage of a person's contracted capacity.

  • Clone assignments

Copy assignments across to several people at once. This is useful if multiple people are doing the same assignment and a lot more efficient than dragging and dropping the same assignment for each person.


  • Identify placeholders

Although we love the wacky placeholder names Runn generates, you can now change the names of placeholders and assign them to teams. It's much easier to find and identify 'Placeholder John Smith from Team Pink' rather than 'Placeholder Blue Squirrel'. View help doc >>

  • No time limit on placeholder assignments

Create placeholder assignments that last more than 24 hours per day. This is useful if you want to assign a 'placeholder group' to a project.

Project Phases

  • Track project phases

See how much each phase contributes to the total revenue, costs, and profits of your projects. Here's how to do this:

  • Link phases and assignments - When you create an assignment you can choose a phase to 'link' it to. You can still move them separately on the planner.
  • Phases table - Scroll down the project's dashboard to find the phases table. Here, you'll see valuable information on your phases including estimated hours, costs, and margin.
  • Track time by phase - Admins and editors can see the scheduled hours and phases in all timesheets. If someone started working on the "Development" phase during the planned "Discovery" phase, you can change this in the timesheet. Changes will be reflected in the phases table. View help doc >>


Day rates

This is useful if you charge clients by the day rather than by the hour. Choose between an hourly or daily default rate type for your Runn account, and create project budgets and rate cards using either rate type. View help doc >>


  • Project Overview report

View KPIs for entire projects. This includes forecasts for projects that are currently underway or starting in the future. View help doc >>

  • Tentative projects in reports

This is available on the People Explorer and People Utilization reports. See how your tentative projects impact your metrics. Note - by default tentative projects are excluded from the reports.

  • Grouped and detailed view

Use the 'Group by' or 'Detailed' options to better understand your data and draw more informed conclusions about your projects and people. You can also download these as CSV files. View help doc >>

  • Group by - View the metrics based on groups such as team, role, or client
  • Detailed - See how projects contribute to your people totals, or how people contribute to your project totals.

Time Tracking and Timesheets

  • Time tracker Chrome extension

We released this Google Chrome time tracker extension so your staff can log the time they work on their projects in real-time. Time entries sync to Runn timesheets so they don't have to fill them in retrospectively.

They can see what projects they've been assigned to each day, start and stop tracking their time with one simple click, add timesheet notes, view missing entries, and fill in the gaps - all within the browser extension. View more information >>

  • Auto-locking timesheets

Account admins can auto-lock timesheets after a chosen number of weeks so that editors, viewers, and timesheet users can't go back and make changes after you've done your reporting. View help doc >>

Performance Upgrades

Hasura improvements

Our development team have been rewriting our server code to improve Runn's performance and allow us to create new features faster!

The improved backend should provide a 10% to 200% speed boost.

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