Developers / Software Engineers

Key Facts

Level: Junior / Intermediate / Senior / Lead
Salary: $75,000 / $110,000 / $140,000 / $160,000NZD
Location: Remote
Hours: Flexible, full-time or part-time
Benefits: 6 weeks holidays + 4 weeks sick/carer's leave + study days + more
Team size: 6 developers + Head of Development

Our Technology & Attitude

Runn is built using the latest stack: Javascript, React, Node, GraphQL, Postgres & Rails tested with Cypress, Jest & Github Actions.

Our developers are involved in the entire product life cycle. We aren't just full stack, we are product stack. That means you'll be involved from the idea stage, into design, then development, testing, deployment and support. You own your features and have the ability to shape them.

Role Levels

Junior Software Developer - $75,000 NZD (CLOSED)
Entry level web developer role. For those new to the industry wanting to get their start. We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated people with the ability to quickly learn and adapt. We'll provide a supportive environment for you to grow and move up the ranks.

Intermediate Software Developer - $110,000 NZD
For growing developers. You're comfortable working on your own and solving new problems. You contribute ideas for new technologies. You'll give as much advice as you receive and starting to hone your skills.

Senior Software Developer - $140,000 NZD
You've been doing this for years and can look at code you've never seen before and know what's good and bad about it. You can build a new production ready app with knowledge of databases, websockets, servers, PWAs and more. But you'll still be doing plenty of research into exactly the best way to do things. You'll be dishing out advice and help to our developers and bringing new ideas to the table. You feel like you're up to any product development task, with the right support.

Lead / Staff Software Developer - $160,000 NZD
You've have well over a decade of experience and built up teams and apps around you. You have extremely strong technical and architectural knowledge and are the person people come to in your current organisation. You'll have worked as the top levels of technical roles in your organisation, and feel very confident dealing with any thing from security, to architecture, to performance, to multi-app ecosystems.


  • Runn is building a company based on values: honesty, integrity, talent, beauty, collaboration and diversity.
  • We have open and transparent salaries for all our staff including regular set pay increases for all staff.
  • Strong benefits package, including 6 weeks paid leave, 4 weeks sick leave, paid Christmas break, access to extended unpaid leave, learning and development time each month, and more.
  • Fully remote team with very high flexibility in hours and location (including international). Work morning, evenings, weekends, change hours every day. We are fully async and have no regular meetings.
  • Fully paid for home office setup - laptop, monitors, desk, chair, and anything else you need.
  • Regular in-person catch ups and events.
  • Advance your skills, learn new techniques, and be surrounded by a talented and supportive team.
  • Thrive as you help us build a high-growth company to improve the work lives of thousands of people.
  • Stress free work environment, no burn out, no overtime.
  • View more about Runn on our careers page.

Hiring Process

We keep things simple and value your time just as much as our own. Our interview process generally includes an intro chat, a technical interview and pair programming assessment and finally a reference check.

We can get a lot of applicants for our roles, so take the time to look into Runn as a product and share why you think you'd be great for the role and how your experience relates.

Diversity and Inclusion

Runn believes that diversity and inclusion is important to running a successful business. We see differences in people and background as an asset to our organisation and are always looking for people are have different ideas and challenge our opinions.

We encourage anyone from under-represented groups to apply, and we'll make our best effort to support your application process, including providing any special requirements and support you may need.

Runn overall team is 55% non-male, including a female co-founder.
Our engineering team is 37.5% non-male.

How do I apply?

We keep things simple. Just email with telling me about yourself, why you'd like to work at Runn, and a copy of your resume or LinkedIn.

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