Engineering Levels


At Runn we expect our engineer team to be high performers. We reward our team well, including our 32 hour work week. However, we also expect them to be professional, focused and perform to the highest standards.

While some people will find they have more or less years of experience than outlined in the guide below, in general '5 years experience' means 5 years as a high performing engineer.


Experience: 0 years
First full-time role out of education (or self educated). Generally the first time building software in a team, learning all the ins and outs of real-world software development in a SaaS business.

Focus on cultural fit, enthusiasm, passion, and ability to learn.


Experience: 1-2 years
Have worked in the industry for about a year. Learned the basics of building software in a team, and working with other areas.

Has a good grasps of the basics, and can generally work solo on small features, and with assistance on bigger features.

Shows enthusiasm, and strong commitment to learning and improving.


Experience: 2-4 years
Is confident working on small features and is now tracking medium to large features with some guidance and help. Generally still focused on individual features, but starting to provide feedback and give input into what other developers are working on.

Participates in code review, discussions and continues to learn about other areas of software development.

Generally communicating with product with the help of other engineers.

Senior I

Experience: 5-7 years
Is confident working on any large feature and working with product directly to solve large features. Starting to help develop processes and working closely with product. Are now occasionally mentoring and assisting more junior developers.

Updates and assists with cross-developer features, helping edit pipelines, work on build tools, etc.

Works well with other areas of the business, and provides regularly feedback to the product and engineering.

Senior II

Experience: 8+ years
Is confident working across entire system, from code, to deployment, hosting, devops, etc.

Regularly mentors junior staff, and pair programs with all staff to help them improve and learn. Spends a significant amount of time conducted code reviews, pair programming, and generally building up engineering capacity.

Is starting to help guide processes, and work across multiple teams to ensure that things work smooth and are being delivered.

Is still primarily concerned with delivering big application features, but does them to the highest standards and at speed. There should generally be no feature that would be too big, or too difficult to tackle, and they have proven that many times in the past.

Has the ability to work on security, performance and devops problems when required.


Experience: 12+ years
Has built many complex features in the past, including many that cross multiple domains and teams.

Their primary focus is on designing and implemented architecture and processes that are used by the entire development team. Their work contributes greatly to improving engineering and product for all other staff.

Works on the most complex system problems and/or develops the processes and policies others follow. They are confident in building what structure to support large systems, handle major performance issues and work on deeply on policies and procedures.

Are able to move quickly between different areas of the business, with very strong and clear communication to staff outside of engineering. They are the ‘goto’ people to deal with any problems that arise, from technical, to process, to communication, to team relationships.

Spends a lot of time working with other engineers to help them solve problem, improve performance, builder great architecture, and implement best practices.