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Libby Marks vs Runn - Which is Best for Resource Management?

Yes, you can manage your resources with But should you? Find the right resource management tool for you.

From Garfield the Cat to the Boomtown Rats - via virtually every office worker EVER - nobody is a fan of Mondays.

But when it comes to, it’s a different story.

The cloud-based work platform has a legion of loyal followers. 180,000 businesses use to organize and automate their work processes. And over 4,000 users have reviewed them on Capterra, rating them an impressive 4.6/5.

At Runn, we love From their fabulous functionality and colorful UI, to the fact that their fun YouTube ads are some of the few you don’t want to skip. 

It’s clear GET work - the challenges, the opportunities, and the chance to make things better. 

But are they any good for resource management? And which is better suited for your resource management needs - or Runn? 

What is is a work management platform. It lets you manage a wide range of different business processes and create automatic workflows without needing any code. 

It can be used for everything from marketing and sales, to HR. It includes task, project, and resource management functionality as part of its broad offering.

Does have resource management?

Yes. Among its myriad functionality, offers basic tools for resource management. 

You can create tasks and allocate them to people, and see individuals’ capacity so you can balance their workload. You can also easily reallocate tasks from overworked colleagues in a few clicks.

What is Runn?

Runn is a dedicated resource management platform. It is designed specifically for managing and allocating people to projects, and doing that in the most efficient way possible. 

It includes a wide variety of functionality to optimize your resources and get the best return on your investment in people. 

You can easily find and allocate the best people for each project and task. 

Plus, assess and manage your capacity, improve your resource utilization for higher ROI, balance workload for happier employees, and lots more. 

It’s not just about your resources. It’s about how your resources impact quality, profitability, and readiness for future success.

Are there other alternatives for resource management?

Of course. There are a lot of resource management platforms available. 

We’d love you to choose Runn. But we want you to find the perfect platform for you. Check out our guide to the best resource management tools to discover some of our top picks. 

Also, read our buyers’ guide to resource management software so you know what to look for - and how it helps you manage your resources for higher productivity, happy employees, and even happier clients. 

Whatever you choose - or a alternative - you can be sure it’ll be SO much easier and more efficient than using spreadsheets for resource management

How does Monday compare to Runn for resource management?

The obvious difference between Runn and is that Runn is a dedicated resource management platform. It’s all we do. And we’re damn good at it. 

Whereas resource management is just one part of 

That’s not casting aspersions on our friends at Monday. It’s just that resource management is our EVERYTHING: we're driven by the singular mission to put the absolute best platform for resource management into the hands of the folks responsible for resource planning. We live it and breathe it.

Resource management tools in

According to Monday’s own how-to information, here’s what you can expect from them in terms of resource management.  

Project management 

You can plan projects and tasks in, helping project managers and individual team members stay on top of their to-do lists. 

The Project Board provides an overview of projects and their progress, while the Task Board breaks projects down into their constituent parts. 

You can build your Project Board to show projects, activities, owners, status, priority, timeline, cost, and more. Color-coding visually flags whether tasks are complete or pending, and flag up looming deadlines.

There are basic and advanced project management tools in and we encourage you to check out their knowledge base to find out more if you need to. 

Resource planning

As well as planning and managing your projects, you can plan and manage your resources using the Workload View

This lets you see workload and capacity at a glance, and assign upcoming tasks accordingly. There’s a handy color-coded heatmap that shows you - by date - exactly what people have on their plate. See an overview of their capacity, and click to drill down to their task list. 

You can also use the Workload Widget to see a combined view of allocations across multiple projects. 

It’s a little bit too involved to explain in full here - there’s mention of configuration and formulas - so check out their knowledge base article on resource management in for more information.

Progress tracking and reporting is known for its automation, and resource management is no different. For example, you can power up your project board by setting up a notification for any time a task status changes to ‘stuck’. This helps you troubleshoot issues and prevent delays - particularly if the delay is related to team capacity. 

There’s also built-in time tracking. People simply click ‘record’ when they start working on a task and Monday keeps a record of how long they’ve spent on it. This helps with billing, as well as future forecasting.  

Plus project managers can see what’s going on in their portfolio with a colorful and insightful dashboard. Configure it to show workload, time-tracking, and project progress for an at-a-glance overview of key metrics. 

For more information on resource management using, check out this helpful video tutorial, which has a whistlestop tour of what you can do. 

Resource management tools in Runn

Resource scheduling 

Runn’s extensive suite of resource scheduling tools makes life better for you, your team, and your clients. 

You can quickly find the best people for each project with Runn’s powerful people search that lets you identify resources according to their skills, availability, cost, and more. And allocate and reallocate tasks with a simple drag-and-drop. Great people make for great project outcomes 💪

Get deep insights into every person - including skills, billable rate, workload, utilization, revenue, and more.

You can also wave goodbye to resource clashes and costly delays. Runn lets you plan projects around capacity, availability, existing allocations, time off, work patterns, and more - so your plan is bulletproof from the start. No more bottlenecks or overruns. 

Plus you can see everyone’s schedule at a glance with a heatmap of your whole team. This helps you balance people’s workload and increase your capacity. Spot (and stop) over-utilization that could lead to burnout - and identify under-utilized resources who can take more work. Win-win.

There are also built-in timesheets to help track billable and non-billable hours, create more accurate invoices, and get paid with fewer quibbles.

Project planning

Our project planning module lets you quickly create and adjust project plans in real-time, with the confidence that you’ve got the people you need to deliver. 

You can easily plan projects, phases, milestones, tasks, and resources. And monitor them against schedule and budget to keep everything on track. 

Plus, see all of your projects in one view and quickly understand the impact on capacity, availability, and utilization. 

Capacity management and forecasting

Runn’s capacity management feature lets you understand capacity now and in the future. So you can balance people’s workloads today. And know who you need to hire to smash your long-term plans.  

See at a glance how each project in the pipeline impacts your team and identify utilization trends in your plans. And schedule tentative projects to understand how they’ll impact workload and financials - so you can say YES to new opportunities, knowing you’re going to ace them. 


Another benefit of Runn is the powerful reporting function. You can create reports into all-things resource, so your senior leaders can make confident, data-based decisions. 

Plus there’s customizable dashboards so everyone can track the stats that matter most to them - like project managers keeping an eye on forecast-vs-actual spend, project progress, and utilization rates.

Check out the rest of our website to understand Runn’s full functionality and discover why customers love managing their resources with us. vs Runn: side-by-side comparison for resource management: pros and cons

An all-in-one tool 

One of the biggest pros for is that it is an all-in-one work management system. That means it has tools and workflows for virtually every department and need. HR? Check. Marketing? Check.

It’s highly flexible and customizable, which means it can be productively applied to most of your business. It’s a brilliant way to unite teams and workflows in one place. 

But bear in mind, if you only use for resource management, you’ll be paying a hefty monthly fee for additional functionality you don’t use.  

And, if you want to dig really deep into your resource allocation and optimization, Monday’s tools could be a little superficial. 

Puts the FUN in functionality also has a great user experience. It boasts a colorful, clear UI that brightens up your work day.  

For example, once you’ve set up your resource management view, you can see workload at a glance in an easy-to-understand, color-coded overview. 

However, you do need to set up your workflows and dashboards before you can do that - and that’s one of the key quibbles that reviewers have with There’s SO much you can create that it can be difficult to know how to start. 

Whereas Runn’s functionality is usable from the get-go - no complex setup needed.

Could-do-better customer support

Some people also note that’s customer service is a little lacking. Which is an issue when you’re trying to create processes from scratch. 

Runn’s functionality is ready to go, so you won’t need to contact our customer team to set up and get started. But if customers do contact our friendly support team, they sing our praises like canaries. 🐤 vs Runn - which is best? 

It depends on exactly what you need. If you need resource management functionality as part of a broader work management platform, might be right for you. 

It offers resource management alongside other tools, for marketing, sales, CRM, operations, and more.  

However, if you’re looking for an in-depth resource management tool, Runn is a better choice. 

Firstly, it’ll cost you less. But you’ll also get more dedicated resource management functionality.

And that means more tools to

  • Better client outcomes - by identifying and allocating the best resources to each project
  • Reduce delays and bottlenecks - by dynamically managing resource allocations
  • Improve return on investment - by optimizing resource utilization and workload
  • Increase productivity - by identifying and using spare capacity
  • Make more profit - through better forecasting, estimating and billing projections 
  • Seize more opportunities - with capacity planning and scenario testing 
  • Make data-based decisions - using real-time dashboards, reports, and insights
  • Boost engagement/reduce burnout - with balanced workloads and appropriate tasks
  • Improve recruitment - with advance insights into skill gaps and opportunities

Which means a more prepared, productive, and profitable business overall. 

Don’t just take our word for it…

We made the great decision to start using Runn in early 2021 and it has been a blessing.

Easy to set up, customize, and roll out to the different teams. Clean interfaces and easy-to-use software, that's what you need when you are dealing with the complexities of project and resource management.

Runn delivers exactly that and keeps improving every week. Team leads now have up-to-date visibility on every front, including project financials, team utilization, and beyond, without spending the entire day trying to source the updated data. It's ready for them."

- Capterra reviewer’s opinion on Runn - thanks Albert!

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