Mae Angeline


Project management professional, leader of multiple teams, and all-round problem solver. With a background in banking and finance, Mae combines strategy and theory with a practical approach to develop creative solutions for businesses.

Jun 20, 2024
Project & Resource Management

What is a Resource Manager? Roles, Responsibilities & How to Succeed

Effective resource management really can make or break a project-based business. That's why hiring a resource manager can be truly transformational. But what is a resource manager, and what can they bring to an organization?

Jun 17, 2024
Project & Resource Management

5 Resource Tracking Tools You Can Try for Free

Don't be overwhelmed by the world of resource tracking software. Our guide will start you off in the right direction - and show you a few you can try right now, for free.

Mar 27, 2024
Project & Resource Management

Timeboxing: An Indispensable Tool to Tackle Your To-Do List

Need the motivation to tackle that long to-do list? Timeboxing can help you harness a sense of urgency and get things done, quickly and efficiently.

Jan 15, 2024
Project & Resource Management

20 Best Smartsheet Alternatives for Project & Resource Management in 2024

No longer sweet on Smartsheet? Plenty of PMs start looking at Smartsheet alternatives after realizing it doesn't serve their needs. That search can be overwhelming - but we're here to help.

Aug 28, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Resource Management Skills: All You Need to Know

It's a challenging career, but if you build the right foundation of resource management skills, you can achieve great professional success as a resource manager. Read on to learn how.

Aug 23, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Overutilization: Know the Dangers of Overworking Your Team

Is "going the extra mile" all the time pushing your team a bit too far? Learn about the dangers of staff overutilization, and smart ways to avoid it.

Aug 21, 2023
Project & Resource Management

No Muss, No Fuss Resource Management for Projects

Being in charge of the resource management for projects can be overwhelming. But that's why it's so important to approach the job with a clear plan from the very beginning. So, let's jump in and beat that overwhelm!

Apr 17, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Creating a Staffing Management Plan in Project Management

Get the right people lined up for your project team. Create a staffing management plan, and set your project up for success.

Apr 4, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Hive Not Working Out for You? Here Are 7 Hive Alternatives to Try

Hive isn't for everybody. If you've given it a try but it doesn't suit your business, you might want to try one of these stellar Hive alternatives.

Apr 4, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Looking for a Teamdeck Alternative? Here are 8 You Can Try for Free

Teamdeck not really working out? You may need to switch to a tool with some different features. Explore these robust Teamdeck alternatives yourself, at no cost.

Feb 13, 2023
Project & Resource Management

10 Best Microsoft Project Alternatives of 2024 (Backed With User Reviews)

It might be the classic project management tool, but perhaps it's time to look at MS Project alternatives? After all, the software in this space has come a long way in recent years!

Jan 27, 2023
Project & Resource Management

What is a Fixed Price Contract in Project Management?

Many project managers have a love/hate relationship with the fixed-price contract. Let's delve into why... and what you can do to make fixed-price contract projects work for you.

Jan 27, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Metrics Matter: 7 Key Metrics that Agency Leaders Need to Track

Managing an agency can feel chaotic. But tracking these key agency metrics will help you see the forest for the trees - and make the right business decisions.

Jan 16, 2023
Project & Resource Management

The Top 10 Best Project Management Softwares for Engineers

Daunted by procuring project management software for engineers? Don't be. This guide is here to help take the sting out of the process.

Jan 13, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Best Practices for Requirements Gathering in Project Management

Don't be caught out by moving goalposts! Build the practice of requirements gathering into your project management process, and save yourself future hassle.

Jan 6, 2023
Project & Resource Management

What is Resource-Constrained Scheduling? Explained in 5 Minutes

Resource-constrained scheduling is a common buzzword in project management. But what is it, and how do you make it work? Learn in our short guide.

Jan 5, 2023
Project & Resource Management

How to Create a Project Brief the Whole Team Will Understand

Creating a clear project brief is crucial for the success of your project. Learn how to communicate your vision and goals to your team in a better way.

Nov 17, 2022
Project & Resource Management

A Speedy Guide to Successful Project Execution

Project execution: one of the most critical phases of a project, but one of the most difficult phases to manage. This guide will help you stay on track.

Nov 16, 2022
Project & Resource Management

7 Practical Tips to Support Employee Wellbeing

How do you support employee wellbeing in a practical, effective way? There are many factors at play - but it's vital to action the right initiatives and bring meaningful benefits to your team.

Oct 28, 2022
Project & Resource Management

How to Scale a Service Business (Sustainably): The Essential Guide

Founding a service business is a wild ride. Want to build big, but don't want to burn out? You'll need to know how to scale a service business sustainably.

Oct 27, 2022
Project & Resource Management

What is a Democratic Leadership Style, and Why Does it Matter?

The best, most motivating style of leadership? Democratic team leadership. Learn why, and how you can develop a more democratic leadership style.

Oct 12, 2022
Project & Resource Management

Change Management Models to Tackle Change Resistance

Large-scale organizational change needs to be guided with care! Luckily, there are several tried-and-true change management models that you can draw upon for inspiration.

Oct 10, 2022
Project & Resource Management

Understand the Challenges of Change with the Change Curve Model

It's vital that we understand how to support our colleagues when big changes are in play. That's why the Change Curve is such a helpful change management tool.

Sep 23, 2022
Project & Resource Management

Workload Forecasting - the Quickest, Most Accurate Way

The secret to sustainable resource management? Workload forecasting! If you know whether there's a drought on the horizon, or a storm - you can get prepped.

Sep 16, 2022

6 Indispensable Tips to Help You Improve Team Dynamics

The best teams are more than the sum of their parts. But how can you coach a team to be their best? Dive into our discussion of team dynamics for some top tips.

Sep 12, 2022
Project & Resource Management

5 Project Resourcing Tools Ambitious PMs Need in their Toolkit

Having a top-notch toolkit always makes the job easier - that's why it's vital to use the right project resourcing tools! This list features some of the best.

Sep 8, 2022
Project & Resource Management

7 Invaluable Wrike Alternatives for Project-Based Businesses

There are plenty of popular Wrike alternatives on the market - so how do you know which is the best choice? Our curated list will help narrow down your search.

Aug 22, 2022
Project & Resource Management

5 Budget-Friendly Mavenlink Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Mavenlink that fits the bill, but leaves you with a smaller bill? There are plenty of options! Let's go through the top budget-friendly Mavenlink alternatives.

Aug 11, 2022
Project & Resource Management

How to Create a Resource Heatmap

A resource heatmap is often the quickest way to see who is available to work on a project. Create one today to optimize your resource planning process.

Aug 10, 2022
Project & Resource Management

Project Assumptions: How to Stop Them from Tripping You Up

Do your project assumptions leave your project vulnerable to set-backs? Yes, they can do...if they aren't managed. Let's walk through how to do just that.

Aug 4, 2022
Project & Resource Management

Cost Breakdown Structure: How to Create a CBS in 5 Easy Steps

Need a precise view of financials before your project kicks off? A cost breakdown structure (CBS) lets you see exactly what you're dealing with.

Aug 2, 2022
Project & Resource Management

8 Typical Project Post-Mortem Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them

Many people dread doing a project post-mortem. But done well, they are great tool for future improvement. Here's how to avoid the mistakes that could derail your project post-mortems.

Jul 28, 2022
Project & Resource Management

The 5 Project Success Metrics that Matter

Quantitative metrics can help you get a clearer view of project health. So, let's take a look at the five key project success metrics that can help guide your plans.

Jul 21, 2022
Project & Resource Management

7 Steps to Effective Workload Planning

Is it possible to prioritize your team's wellbeing while also getting your projects done on time?...Yes! You just need to take workload planning seriously.

Jul 15, 2022
Project & Resource Management

How to Handle Overstaffing (Before It's Too Late)

When you have too many people and not enough work coming in - you've got a case of overstaffing! Here's what to do if you suspect overstaffing might be causing your business problems.

Jul 13, 2022
Project & Resource Management

What is a Bottleneck in Project Management?

Bottlenecks in project management are fairly common - but that doesn't mean they aren't disruptive. Our guide will help you spot project bottlenecks before they start to cost you.

Jul 1, 2022
Project & Resource Management

How to Calculate Overtime (Easy Formula)

Understanding how to calculate overtime is key to paying people fairly, but it's also essential for keeping an eye on labor costs. Does your team always end up working overtime to get their project work finished? If "yes", you may have a problem...

Jun 29, 2022
Project & Resource Management

Here's How to Get Workload Distribution Right in Your Team

If some of your team members have a never-ending to-do list, while others are feeling bored and unchallenged, you might have a problem with workload distribution.

Jun 24, 2022
Project & Resource Management

Why Do Projects Go Over Budget?

Project managers put a meticulous level of care into the financial side of project planning. But, if that's the case, why do projects go over budget? Well, in short, it's complicated!

Jun 23, 2022
Project & Resource Management

Employee Overload: What Is It & How Can You Avoid It?

Without people, our projects would go nowhere. That's why it's so important to avoid employee overload, find the right balance, and deliver your projects sustainably.

Jun 17, 2022
Project & Resource Management

How Capacity Building Can Shock-Proof Your Organization

If you want your organization to be shock-proof and resilient, you need to start capacity building. Our advice will set you off in the right direction.

Jun 14, 2022
Project & Resource Management

How to Calculate Billable Utilization (and Why You Should)

If you're in the world of professional services and you don't yet understand how billable utilization works, let's turn that around right now. You'll be glad that you did.

Jun 9, 2022
Project & Resource Management

4 Common Human Resource Factors Affecting Project Management

Sometimes managing people is more difficult than managing projects. But taking into account human resource factors, you can succeed with both. Here are the most common ones.