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To date we've had over 33,000 projects and 11 million hours planned
An amazing tool that has transformed the way we plan, schedule and forecast work in our agency.
Nick Frandsen
We are constantly balancing what types of projects we have coming up with what types of people we need to help build those products. That whole piece is a massive part of our business - managing allocations and hiring.
Rich Gigante
Chief Revenue Officer
On any given day, I can see how our projects are tracking against their budget, evaluate their current and projected outcomes, which ensure we hit our project goals.
Bridget Feierabendz
Project Manger
We needed a software tool to help us accurately monitor and track our projects, teams and individuals to ensure we are delivering on our time and budgetary project goals.
Fiona Reid
General Manager
The capacity planning chart really changed things for us. Being able to drill into a team and see where the cliffs are has been a huge benefit.
Jason Mills
Director of Engineering
I use the Missing Timesheets report for billing purposes during month-end reporting and to make sure that the team updates their hours on a day-to-day basis.
Beula Evelin
Office Manager
Smart resource and capacity planning