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Shannon Toe

What's New in Runn - December '20

Here's one last product update to round off the year 🎄 Thank you for your support throughout the year and we can't wait to see what 2021 brings!

We're rounding off the year with a small but mighty product update!

Introducing the ability to search with OR and AND on tags, the ability to reschedule projects, SAML SSO for our enterprise customers, and some smaller updates like five-year planning and auto-logout.

We always appreciate your feedback on our latest product updates and your experience with Runn in general. Let us know your thoughts through the in-app chat in the bottom-right corner or by emailing

🔦 Better filtering with tags

You can now search for your people and projects on the planner using OR and AND functions for your tags.

OR Search

Broaden your search to show all people or projects with at least one of the tags entered.

By default, searching for two tags such as Website Mobile is an OR search.

AND Search

Limit your search to show only the people or projects with all of the tags entered.

Type each tag inside quotation marks such as "Website" "Mobile".

Take a look at this help doc for more information on how to search and filter your projects and people in Runn.

⏩ Project rescheduling

Has a client suddenly requested to bring your project forward by three weeks? Or do you need to push another project back by four?

Don't fret - you no longer have to manually drag your assignments across the Planner!

You can now reschedule your projects from the:

  • Project Planner 3-dot menu, or
  • Project Dashboard cog menu

Simply choose a new start week and you're all set!

Refer to our help doc for more details.

🔑 SAML SSO support (Enterprise only)

We now have SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication for enterprise customers.

With this, you can now manage your users' security internally and control their access to Runn via Azure Active Directory. They'll no longer need to remember their Runn password as Azure AD will authenticate them automatically and securely.

To set up your account and Azure AD, account admins can read our general SAML help and our Azure AD SSO help.

Contact us at or the in-app chat for more information!

Special shoutouts

  • Create assignments and view reports five years into the future for better long-term planning.
  • Enable auto-logout after 15 minutes of inactivity for added security. Go to your Account Settings to turn this on.

Extra special shoutout ✨

2020 - that's a wrap!

It really has been a year like no other. All of us at Runn want to say a huge THANK YOU for your support throughout the year. We're a small but mighty team, and we can't wait to continue growing our community in 2021. 🚀

Now, let's jump into the New Year!

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