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Mae Angeline

Looking for a Teamdeck Alternative? Here are 8 You Can Try for Free

Teamdeck not really working out? You may need to switch to a tool with some different features. Explore these robust Teamdeck alternatives yourself, at no cost.

For project managers, purchasing resource management software is a crucial step towards a more efficient use of employee time. And if you're responsible for resource scheduling, you'll find that leveraging resource management tech will ease your schedule too - freeing you up to finally tackle the tasks that once seemed aspirational and out-of-reach.

Teamdeck is resource planning software aimed at agencies, product management, tech developers, and operations teams. While it achieves good reviews, some companies find it doesn't fulfil all their needs, and decide to look for alternatives.

If that's you, you've come to the right place. We've compared the top Teamdeck alternatives for you, so that you can choose the one that ticks your boxes. Let's begin!

Why might you want to use an alternative to Teamdeck?

The core features of Teamdeck can be useful for a project manager starting out in resource management. However, some businesses may find that they require more functionality to meet their objectives for resource scheduling and worker productivity.

What Teamdeck does well

Teamdeck offers time tracking and employee scheduling for the entire team, and provides a detailed report on your team's availability. Its integrations with built-in apps like Google calendar make workflow easy within teams.

You can have a bird's eye view of what everyone's doing with its easy-to-use calendar, and the software also allows you to measure team performance. Teamdeck helps you keep track of the team's billable hours and individual work hours.

Where Teamdeck falls down

Reviews by users of Teamdeck raise a few concerns consistently. Some report its functionality is limited by its slow speed, especially when downloading files. Others highlight that Teamdeck can produce reports with miscomputed percentages and confusing calculations.

This potential for inaccuracy is a big turn-offs for users who require efficiency and coherence in running their businesses.

Business owners may also find user interface accessibility issues with Teamdeck. Some of its small icons are pretty hard to toggle, and it can be difficult to move pop-ups away from the active view.

Best Teamdeck alternatives that have a free trial

If you're looking for an alternative to Teamdeck that has the key features your company needs, the good news is that there are a lot of options out there. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find out what suits you best without having to pay some steep subscriptions.

To tackle this problem, we've compiled the leading Teamdeck alternatives that offer a free trial so you can try before you buy.

1. Runn - best for resource and capacity management

Runn's resource management software is a robust Teamdeck alternative that offers real-time tracking of employee scheduling, and all-round capacity management solutions for businesses.

Large IT departments find that Runn reduces the administrative burden of resource and capacity planning massively. It does this through giving you the power to plan your resources across your entire portfolio of projects and scheduling your upcoming projects all in one single place. Moreover, Runn uses an extremely intuitive and streamlined interface - reducing the learning-curve you'll encounter when you start using it.

Availability reports, leave tracking, and resource capacity heatmaps help you to monitor your team's workload and easily forecast their future capacity. A suite of reporting options meanwhile gives you a handle on project timelines and budgets, and planning contingency scenarios.

Runn is also a great tool to help prevent employee overload and burnout. The People Planner allows you to avoid schedule clashes and maximize each person's individual utilization rate - reducing the risk of scheduling people over their designated working hours, or leaving them sitting idle. Track time and monitor productivity, without missing deadlines or needing to rely on overtime.

Runn offers a 14-day free trial. After this period, small teams can continue to use the software for free, or the Pro version is available for $10 per user per month.


2. Harvest - powerful project management features

Harvest is a dynamic Teamdeck alternative that agile teams can utilize to control business processes. This time tracking and scheduling software monitors time spent, and can also use the captured time to analyze performances from previous projects. Harvest allows business owners to evaluate the scope, profitability, and productivity of their company, to identify when to scale up and grow their business.

Users can expect to experience accurately logged time and its corresponding reports in Harvest. Keeping track of these metrics enables project managers to make evidence-based decisions regarding the use of resources.

Harvest's free trial is 30 days, after which it costs $12 a month per user.


3. ClickTime - great for time tracking

ClickTime is a Teamdeck alternative focused on time monitoring. It supports the bulk import of information when transferring from your existing system and protects sensitive metrics from other users when team permissions are set. With ClickTime, employees are accountable for the timesheet filing process, so their working hours are accurate and valid.

The platform allows you to generate billable hours data at any time, for trouble-free client invoicing. ClickTime also provides customer service support to address after-sales and other time-tracking concerns.

After the 14-day free trial, ClickTime costs between $10 and $24 per user per month, depending whether you want to focus on time tracking or incorporate other tools like time off management and resource planning.


4. Float - best for managing creative agencies

With Float's intuitive interface, design, post-production, social marketing, and other digital creative teams will find it simple to stay on top of their work. This Teamdesk alternative schedules work based on team capacity and individual availability. As a result, the project manager can easily monitor scheduled resources and prompt personnel on assignments and task allocation changes.

This tool minimizes work overload and expenses by tracking budget spending, time, and other fees, and differentiating logged estimates from actual work hours rendered. Matching tasks with the right person, checking and balancing costs, and support from custom-built apps and integrations make Float a customized solution for resource and employee scheduling, time tracking, and other project management tasks.

The Float free trial lasts 30 days, after which there is a starting price of $6 per user per month, or $10 to include time tracking.

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5. ClickUp - great for collaboration between teams of different sizes

Click-up is a resource management tool that helps businesses monitor who's doing what in one cloud-based platform. As a Teamdesk alternative, it provides companies with time tracking, documentation, communication, and automated processes in sync with dozens of integrations and apps.

Compared to Teamdesk, which offers its service to teams with a minimum of 16 members, ClickUp can be utilized by at least 1 user for any project management need. It has customizable task management, including screen recording, automation, and sub-tracks, with over 35 ClickApps to choose from depending on the kind of work to be done.

ClickUp also offers multiple task owners, so all users can monitor any assignment's progress, which is a useful feature for collaboration on large or detailed projects.

ClickUp offers a free plan for personal use, with paid plans ranging from $5 to $19 per person per month. Most of the core resource planning software features, such as timesheets and billable time tracking, come at the $12 per person level.


6. ResourceGuru - scheduling with helpful leave management features

Resource managers can conveniently monitor their resources and team progress with ResourceGuru's scheduling and leave management software features. It's a popular Teamdesk alternative, allowing company owners to plan for employees' workload around their time off, according to their business requirements.

Whether it involves vacations during a busy project pipeline or finding an available worker when staff capacity changes last minute, this scheduling software helps ensure timeframes remain updated.

ResourceGuru also allows managers to check the status of their employees' leave through its mobile app integrations.

ResourceGuru's free trial lasts 30 days, and paid plans range from $2.50 to $6.65 per person per month.


7. Wrike - powerful software with tons of optional add-ons

With its compatibility with various API integrations and other apps, this project management software allows project managers to connect their existing systems and workflows seamlessly. Wrike's personalized dashboard makes it a powerful Teamdesk alternative.

For a more comprehensive view, Wrike can also be customized according to the business's existing systems, like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, request forms, and automated workflows. You can also set items as action types to add details and information on a task, collaborate, and cross-tag for a more straightforward interface with just one look.

Wrike can also be paired with over 400 integrations that can be accessed anytime, from CRM to file storage, to communications, to app extensions, without any spreadsheets and coding required.

The free trial of Wrike lasts 14 days, after which the Business version with resource management features costs $24.80 per person per month.


8. Hubplanner - user-friendly time tracking for teams of all sizes

If you are just beginning your start-up or your company is made up of remote teams, there is a Teamdesk alternative suited for you. No matter how small your business is or wherever you are in the globe, you can effectively monitor everyone's time spent and measure your team's performance with Hubplanner.

This resource scheduling solution lets you view the availability, utilization, and capacity of your teams and each individual in them. It has an interactive drag-and-drop feature that makes the software user-friendly, and integrates reporting on each user's performance, billable costs, and leave requests.

Hubplanner works with your team, no matter the size, with custom fields where you can enter additional data for more efficient filtering and organizing. This can also generate reports based on the notes encoded, so you're sure that all required information is included in the reporting and analysis.

After a 30-day trial of Hubplanner, you can move to the Plug and Play version for $7 per person per month, or the Premium version with resource management features for $18 per person per month.


Ready to try a Teamdeck alternative?

Not all business demands will be answered by Teamdesk's features, and recognizing the need to look for an alternative in the market can be quite strenuous for project managers. So if you've decided to shift to another resource management software, it's best to consider the company and its employees' needs before making a decision.

Teamdesk may offer great add-ons and tools, but other software options come in fuller, more convenient packages.

Runn is a strong choice that can help you monitor your resources more effectively. As a Teamdesk alternative, it guides the rest of your organization in achieving goals, so that your business can move forward to growth, productivity, and profitability.

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