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Iryna Viter

Runn Stands with Ukraine

As a sign of support for Ukraine and its people, we have made Runn free for all businesses in Ukraine for the next five years.

Every day, the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine tugs at our heartstrings, and we can't stay silent.

There are tens of millions of Ukrainian people suffering from the surreal senseless violence that is continually expanding its borders.

For our team, this war is personal, it goes against our company values, and it sinks in deep. As a remote-first company, we have team members, customers, and their families living in Ukraine, who are deeply affected by the atrocities. 

It's easy to feel powerless in the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine. But we have a responsibility to do all we can, for the sake of freedom and peace. 

Every bullet aimed at Ukrainian homes strikes us, so we've decided firmly and unanimously to:

  1. Stop selling Runn in Russia and exit its small number of business relationships in the country. This way, we won't be making any financial contributions to the Russian economy.
  2. Secure free access to Runn for businesses in Ukraine for the next five years. We believe that today it's more critical than ever for Ukraine to allocate resources intelligently and keep an eye on profitability. With Runn, it will become a lot easier and less time-consuming. 

Let's not forget that the impact of Russia's war in Ukraine is staggering. Since February, millions of people have been forced to flee their homes, tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians may have lost their lives, and 20% of Ukrainian land has been occupied. But in reality, there's even more than meets the eye… 

Please join us and the people in Ukraine to win in this war for freedom by donating to Come Back Alive.

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