Transforming Resource Management Through Experimentation

February 7th

12 PM EST (US & Canada)

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Discover the pitfalls of manual resource allocation and traditional management, and explore innovative strategies to foster growth, improve hiring accuracy, and elevate training effectiveness.

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Webinar description

Embark on an insightful journey with our webinar where Sarah Koegler and Tabea Soriano, two seasoned transformation consultants from the future-of-work consultancy The Ready, will be providing an insider's look at the challenges and breakthroughs in evolving from outdated, manual resource allocation methods to dynamic and strategic staffing solutions that are aligned with today's (and tomorrow’s) fast-paced market demands. They will share experiments The Ready has conducted to transform their talent and staffing strategies, highlight the root causes of resource allocation shortcomings and outline actionable steps to accelerate your transformational journey.

What you'll learn:

  • The shortcomings of manual, disconnected resource allocation processes
  • Identify the pitfalls of traditional resource management
  • How to foster growth, improve hiring accuracy, and enhance training through innovative resource management
  • The development and application of a skills matrix that aligns with project needs and personal growth trajectories
  • The transformation journey of The Ready and other large organizations and how similar approaches can be applied in various organizational settings
  • How to start making impactful changes towards a more engaged, productive, and future-ready workforce

Learn more about our speakers:

Tabea Soriano

Tabea Soriano helps companies work better. As an org design and transformation consultant, and partner at The Ready, she designs experiences and facilitates processes that enable client organizations to explore their ways of working and innovate for collective outcomes. With her background as a mixed-race individual who grew up within at least three cultures across two continents, her motivational through-line has always been, “leave it better than you found it.” To that end, she is also an advisor to a handful of purpose-driven start-ups interested in transforming their teams and a Gestalt-trained coach to leaders looking to transform themselves.

Sarah Koegler

Sarah Koegler currently resides in Wheeling, WV, with her husband and three children. In the Appalachian region of the US, Sarah has held several public and non-profit leadership roles, including eight years as an elected county school board member. She started her career as a middle school teacher serving a low-income community in Oakland, CA, and deepened her exploration of human systems through the study and practice of social work, focusing on the administration of public systems. After almost two decades leading HR work in a large national education organization, Sarah is currently a Transformer at The Ready, helping teams and organizations evolve so that their people can do their best work, while being their best selves.

Nora Fleischhut

Nora Fleischhut is an experienced transformation consultant, passionate speaker, and future of work enthusiast. After working in consulting at one of the Big Four for seven years, she’s now partnering with Runn on a mission to unleash the potential of organizations and people by creating more adaptable, human, and joyful ways of working and enabling a change of perspective. With her optimistic, collaborative, and innovative mindset, she creatively draws on methods and expertise from the fields of neurobiology, behavioral sciences, agile ways of working, and psychology. How her friends would describe her to a stranger: Unfalteringly positive.

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February 7th


12 PM EST (US & Canada)