Measuring Success in Resource Management

May 15th

12 PM EST (US & Canada)

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What are the most critical and meaningful metrics and KPIs that resource managers should focus on today?

Join our webinar to hear from seasoned resource management professionals to measure the effectiveness of your resource management efforts and improve your reporting.

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Webinar description

How do you measure and demonstrate success in resource management? David Edwards, the Global Head of Workforce Planning at Ericsson, and Marzena Pietrus, Senior Resourcing Lead at 10Clouds, will let us in on the essential metrics and KPIs that define and drive effective resource management. In this webinar, we'll focus on the key metrics in resource management, address the balance between qualitative and quantitative ones, and identify the financial and people-related KPIs.

What you'll learn:

  • Discover key metrics and KPIs for effective resource management
  • How to balance qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • How to demonstrate that your resource management strategy is working
  • A more holistic approach to measuring success in resource management

Learn more about our speakers:

David Edwards

David Edwards is the Head of Workforce Planning at Ericsson. Not many people can genuinely say they have successfully implemented Strategic Workforce Management in a large company, but David can. He's been a senior leader in operations, consulting, finance, and program management. He's delivered transformation and multi-million pound value repeatedly across multiple industry sectors, in businesses large and small. David's approach to workforce planning and analytics leads the sector. He's managed complex global programs, led professional services teams, built revenue streams, reduced costs, and his colleagues like him.

Marzena Pietrus

Marzena Pietrus is a Senior Resourcing Lead at 10Clouds, an IT Services and IT Consulting company. In her role, Marzena handles allocations, making sure everyone's talent is used effectively. When schedules clash or resources are stretched too thin, Marzena steps in to level things out. Outside of work, she has completed a course in Executive Leadership Studies, and led a Leadership Club in Wrocław.

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May 15th


12 PM EST (US & Canada)