Leading Change in Resource Management

April, 16th

12 PM EST (US & Canada)

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In this webinar, you will gain comprehensive insights and practical knowledge on how to effectively manage and lead change within the domain of resource management. What does it take to take people onto the journey when introducing new resource management tools and processes? 

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Webinar description

This webinar explores the critical role of change management within resource and performance management, highlighting how resource management leaders can navigate and lead organizational transformations effectively. As the workplace evolves, resource managers are becoming pivotal in shaping the future of work, balancing efficiency with employee engagement. This session will delve into actionable strategies and insights for elevating the impact of the Resource Management Function.

What you'll learn:

  • Best practices for managing change when adapting new resource management tools and processes 
  • How to identify challenges and opportunities when introducing change in your resource management practice

Learn more about our speakers:

Rahul Sirimanna

Rahul Sirimanna (Director, Delivery Excellence at RBC) is a results-driven and personable professional with 6+ years of operational and transformational experience in risk management and finance. He has a proven track record of leading cross-functional strategic initiatives and unlocking sustainable business value. Rahul specializes in strategic portfolio management, financial planning, risk management, and change enablement.

Kent H. Frazier

Kent is a solo-dad-co-parent of two spirited young kiddos and a former HR Executive now serving as the Co-Founder and CEO of ParadoxEdge, a transformational coaching and consulting practice creating more Fully Human workplaces. Kent has carved a niche in developing leaders of change in the messy middle of getting hard things done. He offers a deliberately developmental, practical way of building trust, harnessing creative tensions, maximizing collaboration and creativity, and driving results in high-stakes scenarios.

Nora Fleischhut

Nora Fleischhut is an experienced transformation consultant, passionate speaker, and future of work enthusiast. After working in consulting at one of the Big Four for seven years, she’s now partnering with Runn on a mission to unleash the potential of organizations and people by creating more adaptable, human, and joyful ways of working and enabling a change of perspective. With her optimistic, collaborative, and innovative mindset, she creatively draws on methods and expertise from the fields of neurobiology, behavioral sciences, agile ways of working, and psychology. How her friends would describe her to a stranger: Unfalteringly positive.

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April, 16th


12 PM EST (US & Canada)