Emily Weissang

Content Marketing Manager

As a writer and content manager, Emily makes it her business to stay on top of trends in the worlds of productivity and project management. You'll often find her asking questions about the future of work and falling down a research rabbithole.

Jan 25, 2024
Future of Work

5 Major Trends That Will Define Resource Management in 2024

Is 2024 the most exciting year yet to be a resource manager? Let's explore the trends that will define this dynamic sector this year.

Sep 13, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Resource Planning in Excel Isn't Sustainable. Here's Why.

Do you know the reasons why you shouldn't do resource planning in Excel? Turns out you're making your job way harder than it needs to be.

Aug 24, 2023
Project & Resource Management

An (Honest) Guide to Time Management: Why It’s Difficult, and What We Can Do About It

There's no one way to become a time management pro: conquering your personal organization struggles requires self-reflection and honesty. Let's not put it off - dive right in!

Aug 7, 2023
Future of Work

Work-Life Balance Statistics That Leaders Need to Know in 2024

Keep up with the conversation with the work life balance statistics that are driving this complex and contested topic.

Apr 14, 2023
Future of Work

What Causes Poor Work Life Balance?

Understanding what causes poor work life balance is the first step to making the changes that you (and your team) need. You can win the balance back!

Apr 3, 2023
Future of Work

Managing Remote Teams: Challenges & Best Practices Leaders Should Know

Remote working is here to stay. For leaders, that means embracing best practices to overcome the challenges of managing remote teams. We explore how.

Mar 28, 2023
Future of Work

How to Abandon the Blame Game and Introduce a No Blame Culture

Blame culture kills creativity and morale. For an organization that thrives on innovation and mutual learning, embrace a no blame culture - we'll explain how.

Mar 21, 2023
Project & Resource Management

Navigating Public Holidays in Multinational Project Teams

In globally distributed teams, it's hard to keep track of public holidays happening in each region. But this doesn't have to spell trouble for your projects.

Feb 23, 2023
Behind the Scenes

How the Runn Team Gets the Most Out of Remote Work

We're a remote-first organization, and we always have been. Find out what we do differently, and how our remote work ethos helps our team live their best lives.

Oct 17, 2022

Team Resilience: How to Help Your Team Overcome Adversity

A team that knows how to dig deep and persevere is more likely to succeed. But this vital team resilience is a skill that has to be developed over time.

Aug 24, 2022
Behind the Scenes

How the Team at Runn Makes Learning a Priority

Curiosity is the rule, not the exception! At Runn, we embrace self-directed learning - and in this post, we’ll explore how we do it.

Jul 25, 2022
Project & Resource Management

How to Develop a Reskilling Culture - The Ultimate Guide

Are you prepared for a digitally transformed future of work that demands new skills? Let's look at how to start building a reskilling culture in your organization.

Jun 14, 2022

Managing a Growing Team? Do it Mindfully

Managing a growing team is of course exciting. But, if we're being honest, it is also a little daunting. Fortunately there are steps you can take to keep the situation calm and controlled.