Human Resources

Resource planning and scheduling for your

ADP Workforce Now


ADP Workforce Now

Connect time tracking with resource planning


ADP Workforce Now

with Runn in one click. Bring your

ADP Workforce Now

projects, people, and timesheets directly to Runn in a one-way, daily sync so you no longer need to switch between tools.

Get a high-level view of resource capacity

Build schedules for your 

ADP Workforce Now

resources and projects. Manage your utilization targets and ensure that no one gets overbooked.

Unlock variance insights

Look into the past and see how your project plans compared with the actuals. Refine your plans and create better resource schedules moving forward.

Get accurate project forecasts

Use your

ADP Workforce Now

actuals to fine-tune your project management expectations. See how the actuals may impact your project delivery timeline, budget, and overall project profitability.

ADP Worforce Now is a comprehensive, database-driven HR suite that combines core payroll and HR management processes into a single platform. Use the Runn <> ADP Workforce Now integration to easily manage your team’s time and capacity.

Seamlessly connect your resources with Runn’s resource planning

Forget switching between systems and doing double data entry. Your

ADP Workforce Now

resources will be pulled directly into Runn in a one-way sync.

Your company's capability and capacity, made execution ready

Use Runn’s powerful resource scheduling capabilities to assign resources to projects. Plan around people’s time offs and project budgets from a single interface, and view project insights to keep your projects on track.

Get a comprehensive view of your resources and their time

Keep track of metrics including utilization rates and billable rates. Understand your team’s time better - and make sure no one gets overbooked.

ADP Workforce Now

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ADP Workforce Now




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ADP Workforce Now


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