Resourcing & Scheduling

Quickly schedule work for your team, and instantly see how it affects your budget, revenue and capacity.

Quickly Create Assignments

It's as easy as clicking and dragging to assign work to any team member, with all the adjustments at your finger tips.

People Utilization

View the percentage of a person's time that has been assigned, and how much is billable, non-billable in a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

People Capacity

View how many hours each person has available on any given day.

Agency-Wide Capacity Reporting

View the entire capacity and utilization of your business, or split it by role, location, or just about anything else too.

Repeating Assignments

Create assignments that repeat every week, two weeks, or four weeks.

Filter People by Role, Tags, and Teams

Make planning easier by filtering the planner to view just the people in a specific role, team, or with a certain tag.

Time Off and Leave

Create leave within Runn, and see how it will impact your assignments and projects.

Schedule Projects

Easily schedule out who is working on your project and see when you need to hire.

Create Placeholders

Placeholders allow you to schedule work to be done by unknown people. Use the capacity charts to see if you need to hire for the role, or have staff with available capacity.


See when someone has more work planned than they have time, and quickly see if that work is confirmed or tentative.

Monthly, Quarterly and Half Year Views

View your plan in monthly, quarterly or half-yearly view, depending on if you are looking at the short or long-term.

Tentative Projects

Create tentative projects and see how they will impact your workload and financials if you win the project. Quickly adjust to see when is the right time to start a new project.

Star Key People and Projects

View only what you care about and hide the rest.

Variance Charts

See the difference between your plans and reality, in dollars or hours.

Live Budget Tracking

See your budget change live as you create assignments, ensuring you always schedule the right amount of work at the right time.

Part-Time Workers

Add part-time people and automatically have Runn plan only the days that are available.

Quickly Transfer Assignments

Instantly transfer assignments between team members, or transfer to a placeholder while you figure out who will do the work.

Track Project Phases and Milestones

Let everyone see important upcoming milestones, and what phase of a project is under way.

Multi Add People

Add whole teams to a project in one click.

Multi Select Assignments

Powerful multi select lets you change entire projects or people's schedules in seconds.

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